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    1. paperwork351

      Any 'net bought emergency food worth it?

      How about a hand crank to back up the solar?
    2. paperwork351

      Break Free CLP

      There are so many versions of the history of Break Free. Not much on Break Free Inc. I had a small bottle in the 90s.
    3. paperwork351

      Break Free CLP

      Depends if it was owned by Sarfariland or Armor Holdings. AH bought BF in 2000. There have been some formula changes along the way, one with the teflon. It had to be shaken well because the teflon went to the bottom IIRC.
    4. paperwork351

      Any one CC with empty chamber?

      My question was about handling and procedure. Never had a duty firearm. To clear a duty or w&c firearm regularly is silly. My world is different. I've heard/read bullet setback.
    5. paperwork351

      Any one CC with empty chamber?

      You're kidding?
    6. paperwork351

      Any one CC with empty chamber?

      How do you rotate the rounds to advoid bullet setback? Is using another mag to chamber feasible?
    7. paperwork351

      & they all giggled.

      How did you treat it and how long was it stored?
    8. paperwork351

      Proper gun storage in humid climates (don't be like me)

      I put a hygrometer in the safe which stays around 40-50%. Time to check it and recharge the desiccant box.
    9. paperwork351

      Waist Bag Size Carry Options

      Wear a sign that sez 'GAT INSIDE BAG'.
    10. paperwork351

      Reloading unfired brass

      Run thru the sizer and uniform the primer pocket.
    11. paperwork351

      Gun cleaning sucks!

      Friend of mine uses He compares it to a new LSA. I use MIL-COM TWB25/MC2500 and haven't run out of MIL-COM to try the balmz.
    12. paperwork351

      Sticky Holsters - Good, Bad, or Ugly?

      Any opinions on DIY skateboard tape or large rubber bands? Probably why I haven't heard of these things in 30 years.
    13. paperwork351

      bench stackable storage boxes

      I forgot about him.
    14. paperwork351

      Open carry...pluses and minuses...

      Any thoughts of a belly band such as Galco 2.0 fits Hi Power (exposed bit of muzzle) or Crossbreed supertuck (doesn't fit) or a whole boatload of kydex.
    15. paperwork351

      DIY Strike Anywhere Matches! [ Powerful and Effective! ]

      My Y2K stash wasn't sealed and don't work even striking on the box. Humidity is the culprit.
    16. paperwork351

      Open carry...pluses and minuses...

      How prevelant is snatch and grab? Some videos on YT. Being distracted isn't helpful. How effective is the Safariland ALS or the one you push down then forward to draw? I can't remember the model of the second holster. Blackhawk Sherpa?
    17. paperwork351

      Pistol Activity's for Gun Clubs

      1980s bowling pins, failed defense rounds. She-oot almost 40 years ago.
    18. paperwork351

      Pistol Activity's for Gun Clubs

      Bowling pin ammo Kwaser Pin Grabbers or Law Grabbers. Never did a pin match.
    19. paperwork351

      Shooting a rifle standing unsupported (rimfire).

      Russian coach olympic shooting method. Slow your heartrate down. Amazon or NRA
    20. paperwork351

      Generic holster recommendations for undetermined sidearm overseas

      Further review of the X-15 the glock is approved. The Hi Power trigger is not visable since it sits deeply in the hoster. I was incorrect about that. The Bianchi holster selector chart pdf link from the Bianchi site.
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