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    1. D

      SC on the verge of Constitutional Carry

      Well, if it is going to be paid for with Tax Revenues, then at least the folks taking the class will be able to smile with the knowledge that all of the Karen's and Demanding Mommies will be paying for part of it! :D
    2. D

      Havana Club Rum Giveaway, via the Breitling Watch Raffle/Fundraiser Thread

      I'm In! I don't really drink, But I Can Learn! :D Thanks eruby for your continued generosity to this forum.
    3. D

      What is your favorite unique caliber that is difficult to find?

      We must be long lost relations! Exactly my selections, I just roll my own these days.
    4. D

      Rockville Used Guns

      The Atlantic Guns Fall Yard Sale Is Back! Between my wife and I we have bought (redacted #) of guns at their previous years events. Hope we can make it down again this time!
    5. D

      Burglary at AM Shooting Supply, Damascus

      Hell, I was just in there on Friday. Small shop, but the owner is a very nice guy and an IWLA member at Damascus (Wildlife Achievement Chapter). My brother has done several transfers through there. I hope they catch the miscreants that did this. Damascus has gone down hill for a while (I've...
    6. D

      Ballistics experts can’t testify that recovered bullets match firearms, Md. high court rules

      This will inevitably lead to another push for micro-stamping. They have been pushing for it for a long time, this will be the latest reason for their insistence it must be passed.
    7. D

      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      Not everyone in MoCo voted for this excrement. Unfortunately, the down county folks have lost their collective minds. Those folks have destroyed much of Gaithersburg and Germantown with their, and they are working on Damascus. I suspect that before Moore is out of office, most of Maryland...
    8. D

      ATF Coming After Firearms with Stabilizing Braces

      Thanks for the reply. That's kind of what I figured, but nothing surprises me anymore.
    9. D

      ATF Coming After Firearms with Stabilizing Braces

      Totally random question about this whole situation that occurred to me when I was watching an old movie recently... Does the ATF ruling affect something like this? And as Part 2 of that question, does the answer change if it was a Cap & Ball revolver?
    10. D


      Unfortunately, I suspect MoCo and the MGA don't really give a $hit what happens in New Jersey, they will proceed with their anti-2A plans knowing full well that they will eventually get smacked down. But until that smack down happens, they know that the folks fighting these laws will be forced...
    11. D

      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      Another shout-out to Blue Customworks. Alejandro did a fantastic job and I highly recommend him, his work was top notch and he really knows his stuff. Word of caution, he is VERY BUSY heading into the 01 March 2023 deadline. If you need it done, don't wait! Call and make an appointment (and...
    12. D

      How Long Did Your HQL Approval Take?

      So, I just went and checked the MSP website. Glad to see they are on top of it..... :rolleyes: MSP HQL Site When Should I Renew? The initial Handgun Qualification License expires ten (10) years from the date of issuance. A Handgun Qualification License may be renewed for successive periods...
    13. D

      How Long Did Your HQL Approval Take?

      Hard to believe that it's been almost 10 years since this travesty of a law was passed. Harder still to believe that I will need to renew this thing in less than 6 months. I guess I will need to check to see if there is even a process in place to do that!
    14. D

      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      Thanks! That's the thing he showed me a picture of so I will let him know. This is such a Charlie Foxtrot, glad I managed to stay out of it, but I sure feel bad for the folks that took the oportunity to enjoy their freedom while they could.
    15. D

      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      I apologize in advance if this has been asked before. I try to keep up with this stuff, but to be honest, it's not my thing. I'm more into the Cowboy Guns. I was at the range last weekend and ran into a buddy who asked if I knew where to get P80's serialized and I pulled some of the...
    16. D

      Map of where we can & cannot CCW

      Assume that everywhere shown in the picture below is illegal and you should be OK....:rolleyes:
    17. D

      After TEOTWAWKI professions

      Retired Electrical Engineer, worked as a mechanic, worked construction, worked at pretty much everything. Only thing I'm not good at is gardening. If there was ever a person that was born with a brown thumb, it was me. My brother got all the gardening skills (my wife is OK at it too). Got...
    18. D

      How Long Did Your HQL Approval Take?

      I'd say Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner, but there was no winning with that long of a delay. Congratulations on your victory and for sticking with it!
    19. D

      Federal Court rules law against making serialized gun unconstitutional

      They are mostly plastic, they will be OK. Where did you say you tossed them?
    20. D

      Thurmont Conservatory and Sports Club??

      I am a member there, used to be chairman of the Cowboy Action committee for a few years. Membership meetings are the 1st Thursday of the month. You have to apply in person, there is a background check performed (basically, if you can legally buy a gun, you are good to go), and there is a range...
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