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    1. ktigerJ

      New store! Soft opening tomorrow!

      Good luck!!
    2. FN FNX 45 280 Rounds of .45ACP (200 FMJ 80 JHP) Two CrossBreed Holsters

      Question by '' on classified ad 'FN FNX 45 280 Rounds of .45ACP (200 FMJ 80 JHP) Two CrossBreed Holsters'

      Price was set at 2000 (obo) for everything. Not really interested in selling without the ammo but will entertain an offer.
    3. FN FNX 45 280 Rounds of .45ACP (200 FMJ 80 JHP) Two CrossBreed Holsters

      For sale FN FNX 45 280 Rounds of .45ACP (200 FMJ 80 JHP) Two CrossBreed Holsters

      New In Box/Bag FN FNX 45 Never fired. Comes with all standard accessories. 200 Rounds of Federal FMJ 80 Rounds of Federal Hydra Shock JHP In and Out Waist Band Crossbreed Founders Leather Holsters.
    4. ktigerJ

      HB961 Stopped in Senate Committee

      HB2128 looks to extend the current wait time of three days to five. SB1286 Calls for a tax rate increase on wages over 150K from 5.75 to 5.9
    5. ktigerJ

      New CCW Laws

      Went and took my wife’s paperwork in today. Deputy Clarke County Circuit Court Clerk was there and I asked about renewals. “Given there are no other laws passed, once you have your CCW, that is all proof you need to renew.” So basically, you do not at present time, need take any classes to...
    6. ktigerJ

      New CCW Laws

      Start here I looked up classes on the NRA’s site and took the Basic Handgun class with my wife to get her, her CCW. From the site ... DOCUMENTATION OF PROOF OF HANDGUN COMPETENCY – (§ 18.2-308.02) The court shall require proof that the applicant has demonstrated competence with a handgun in...
    7. ktigerJ

      NRA pistol basic

      My wife and I took the class today at Middletown Firearms on VA. Awesome place! Class is very basic but good. We’ll be going to more classes soon.
    8. ktigerJ

      Help me decide?

      Thank you to all, I appreciate the input. I can't ask the misses what she prefers since all she knows is the select few that survived the boat. ;) I went with the S&W EZ Shield for her to carry or a backup/alternate to my carry. I'll save up and get the HK later on. Maybe by then prices will...
    9. ktigerJ

      Help me decide?

      Thanks for the offer brother but I couldn't put that much on your CC ... Maybe only one or two at max. :lol2: I'll look around for a reasonably priced EZ. again ... :lol2:
    10. ktigerJ

      Help me decide?

      I am debating on making another purchase. M&P 2.0 Shield 9mm Glock 19 9mm Glock 41 45ACP HK HK45 45ACP Some other 762x39 300Blackout uppers for a lower on a shelf. Wife may need a carry which would be the M&P. If other members wives carry what do they prefer? I don't...
    11. ktigerJ

      Picking up in 7 days

      Welcome to the boards. Nice first purchase ... Keep em coming ...
    12. ktigerJ

      Looking for Advice/Concealed Carry Holster

      I got one for a Hellcat I carry. So far it's been really good. Needs to be broken in more though.
    13. ktigerJ

      MD to VA?

      We put an offer on a house and ratified the contract today. We are having the Home Inspection on Thursday. Hopefully all goes well and we can close the end of May.
    14. ktigerJ

      MD to VA?

      I’ve been doing the commute from Mt. Airy to Chantilly for a couple of months now. It’s about an hour at 0600 and I get in around 0700 + or - some days. We are looking heavily at Berryville now. As with anything it’s a work in progress. Berryville opinions?
    15. ktigerJ

      VA State Inspections on the chopping block

      According to nhtsa “vehicles” accounted for 2% of accidents in 2015. Of the 44,000 accidents 25,000 were due to tires and brakes. 17,000 were unknown. I am planning on moving to VA this year and am not looking forward to these inspections.
    16. ktigerJ

      Senate Bill 16, complete AWB

      I've been looking through the petitions/bills posted thus far. There are a lot that I don't agree with not "just" the firearm bills. All of them, of course, have a Democrat sponsor.
    17. ktigerJ

      Hap Baker

      Anyone know if Hap Baker is still opening after the incident? Did it even close for any length of time?
    18. ktigerJ

      MD to VA?

      Our plan, which is always changing, is to store our stuff, live in the RV to sell our house, and then park it at Watermelon Park (or another around there). At least then we'll be able to get down what the best way/times would be. Thank you for all the comments ... it's really helped.
    19. ktigerJ

      Mount Airy Park and Ride issues?

      Several cops and people crying in the back of SUV’s. Cops were there for hours today.
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