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    1. S

      SP5 Modifications for SBR?

      Keep up the good work, I'd 100% be in for one of these. I need to get my AP5 SBR'd
    2. S

      No Pole: Two AR's, What Does MDS Recommend For Optics.

      Exps2/g33 combo for the Mk18 and Acog/rmr combo like the ta31 ecos for the 16in. Just my .2cents
    3. S

      Raptor defender AR 15 jamming. New.

      What do you mean by jam? FTF? FTE?
    4. S

      Not cycling with can...

      Are you lubricating the booster? I'll have issues with my YHM booster if I run it dry. I typically use white lithium grease
    5. S

      Gun Stores in PA (Close)

      Freedom Armory in Glenrock usually has a good selection but they wont be the cheapest place around
    6. S

      Need 9MM Ammo Recommendations for Suppressed Shooting

      I had a similar experience with the blazer 147gr. Look into the Federal syntech 150gr. It's all I use now when shooting suppressed 9mm. It has a polymer jacket, cleanest stuff I've used.
    7. S

      NFA Picture Thread

      Couple of my NFA things
    8. S

      Colt SP1 C&R exempt from HBAR law?

      I think if you transfer a pre-2013 lower it's no longer considered pre-2013. The transfer had to occur before Oct. 2013
    9. S

      Colt SP1 C&R exempt from HBAR law?

      I'd assume it's one of those things that no one would ever notice or care until the rifle is used in an unlawful way. Then it's just another charge they can slap you with.
    10. S

      current ATF wait time

      This is a good gauge for the wait times, which are apparently all over the place. A lot of recent sub 50 day approvals.
    11. S

      Mail from the ATF….A Good thing, or Bad? I fill them out yearly so I can take my SBR's across state lines
    12. S

      Mail from the ATF….A Good thing, or Bad?

      Do you have a form 20 submitted? Those approval's come by mail
    13. S

      Anyone supress 22LR pistol?

      Ruger MK IV is what you want
    14. S

      Standard Glock Mags in Southern PA

      Freedom armory
    15. S

      Moving to PA end of this year, question on rifle

      I don't see why your Scar 17 would be an issue for MD law. MAYBE MAYBE the factory muzzle break could be considered a flash hider because of the small prongs at the end and with the folding stock it would be an "assault weapon" but it looks MD legal to me. PA also has no AWB of any kind so as...
    16. S

      Using Old Powder??

      I've got 2 cans of IMR 4350 that look like they're from the 90's with rust holes in them. The powder loads and shoots just fine
    17. S

      The "MD Disapproved Handgun List" makes NO sense...and even contradicts itself

      For some reason I just want to buy a Lifecard and throw a little can on it.....but MD says no. It's "too concealable".
    18. S

      Recover Tactical Glock

      It looks like that has a "stabilizing brace". Those are now classified as stocks according to the ATF, so after May 31st of this year it would not be legal unless it is attached to a SBR. If you live in MD your SBR needs to have an AOL of at least 29 inches, which I don't see this meeting. So...
    19. Midwest Industries T series 9.5 quad rail

      For sale Midwest Industries T series 9.5 quad rail

      For sale a lightly used 9.5inch MI free floating quad rail. $130 shipped or $120 picked up This is for the rail and installation hardware only.
    20. S

      Supressor question

      If you can afford more than one definitely go with a dedicated .22 can. If not the Silencer Central Banish 46 or Sico hybrid 46 are good all arounders. Just make sure to get the different endcaps depending on what caliber you're shooting. It will knock down a couple db's.
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