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      Help: my rig is eating my shirts

      Pic(s) of the damage on the shirt? The rear sight looks like it could be a contender. Even if it's not super sharp, it could still be sharp enough to cut, when fabric is stretched across it, and torsional pressure is applied. (Not necessarily knife slashes, but rather lots of micro abrasions...
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      VA House Passes Odious New AWB

      That's an interesting idea, especially if that concept were to be combined with voluntary pamphlet distribution for the local/national pro-2A organizations. That combination would theoretically help to engage as-of-yet-untapped resources that should help to increase the numbers of pro-2A...
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      M11-A1 COMPACT

      229-1 should fit, per Sig's Customer Service team, in the Q&A section.
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      M11-A1 COMPACT

      I dont have one. However, according to Sig's website, it looks like they sell it with either 15 round or 10 round magazines. M11-A1 9mm Luger (3) 15rd Steel Mag M11-A1-10 9mm Luger (3) 10rd Steel Mag
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      Knife Deals Thread

      Midway has the Buck Selkirk for $50 Buck 863 Selkirk 4.625" Drop Point Fixed Blade 420HC steel Micarta handle Injection molded nylon sheath Fire starter/whistle tool
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      Affixing a front QD sling swivel on SR 556 ?

      If it's M-Lok, you shouldn't need to remove anything. You just orient the "wings" on the anchors so that they'll drop in through the slots. Then, when you turn the screws, those wings should rotate into place. This link should give you all of the info you need, between drawings and...
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      Optics for handguns?

      In my opinion, the answer is "Yes. But,..." Pistol mounted optics (PMOs) are absolutely worth checking out. But, for a number of reasons, they may or may not be the best option for you. A bunch of hardware considerations can play a role - reticle type (dot, circle, chevron, dot/chevron...
    8. M

      Favorite Multi-tool?

      As with many things, I think it depends on the role in which you intend to employ the tool and what best fits your needs. (Some may also have a bit of Chevrolet/Ford/Honda/Toyota-style preference, as well) Also, there are different types and levels of multi-tools. But, it sounds like you're...
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      List Of Places with Carry Allowed Sign

      If memory serves, a few of the hijackers were found to have spent time in the Laurel area. North of the town, around 32.
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      Cheap (virtual) training opportunity with John Hearne

      Thanks, Hogarth! I'd wanted to take that class, as well. But, I had another one later that month, and my schedule wouldn't allow me to make both. I'm hoping to have a chance to train with John in person, and will take advantage of this opportunity, in the meantime.
    11. M

      Awareness/Mindset/Q&A get together with Bob "Ninja" Porras. Delta/CIA guy. Thursday April 18,2024

      Thanks for arranging, sir, and it's on my calendar!
    12. M

      MSI beats Mo Co

      Facebook shouldn't come into play at all: Page loaded just fine, when I checked it just now.
    13. M

      Does anyone here actually use a shoulder rig?

      I don't know of one, offhand. But, maybe you could use the Galco Shuka as a modular base upon which to mount a kydex holster for the combo you have?
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      Delta Peach Bottom opening for new members

      DPFNG's monthly Steel Challenge events are open to the public. Usually the 4th Sunday of each month, in the morning. (This month it's a week early, on the 19th) So, anyone can go have some range fun, with visual and auditory feedback. Then head to one of the local venues afterward, and grab a...
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      Knife Deals Thread

      A few more at Midway Cold Steel Exclusive SRK CPM-3V Fixed Blade Knife Our Price is $259.99. Discount Price is $109.99. Save up to:$150.00 (57%) Cold Steel Exclusive SRK Fixed Blade Knife 6" Clip Point SK-5 High Carbon Black Tuff-EX...
    16. M

      Knife Deals Thread

      KnifeCenter has a bunch of items on special, currently. Here are a few, with what appears to be good pricing, that seem like they may be of interest: $10 $16...
    17. M

      Knife Deals Thread

      Midway is also offering the SOG Pillar Blackout for $99. (evolution of the SOG SEAL Pup, with S35VN steel, black Cerakote finish, Micarta handles, and kydex sheath) It's a hell of a knife, and it usually sells for $220-$250.
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      Knife Deals Thread

      You're welcome, sir!
    19. M

      Knife Deals Thread

      I didn't see a dedicated thread for knives on sale. So, figured we should have one. Midway currently has the SOG Seal Pup on sale for $30 SOG Seal Pup AUS-8 steel Black blade Partially serrated Glass Reinforced Nylon (GRN) handle Nylon sheath...
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