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    1. eddiek2000

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      In hand: 5/30/2023
    2. eddiek2000

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Submitted : 4/5 Accepted : 4/6 NICS : 4/10/2023 Assigned : 5/10/2023 Approved : 5/25/2023 In hand : Permit: 23HGP-1637XX ~49 days to approved
    3. eddiek2000

      Waldorf Area Shop Recommendations

      +2 for Cliff. Known him for years and a good guy to boot.
    4. eddiek2000

      RIP Joe Gressis

      Holy crap. First I've heard of this. Joe has done so much good in the community, feeding people for what they could afford at times. RIP, he was a true asset to the area and really cared about his employees.
    5. eddiek2000

      Foragers Guide

      Thanks for looking into it. That sort of stuff is a big turnoff to me, self created hype.. GamerJim and Blacksmith have some other options I may check out.
    6. eddiek2000

      Foragers Guide

      Stumbled across this recently. Thoughts?
    7. eddiek2000

      Any Negatives

      It is in the C&R Sub, so there is that.
    8. eddiek2000

      Oh no...

      Yep. B-i-L and I were discussing past purchases a week or so ago. I went down to the bunker and to check my stockpile found I had 6 Crates of 54R, 2 cans per. I went and checked online prices and nearly shit myself at current pricing. Glad KeepShooting was in my life back then.:party29:
    9. eddiek2000

      VPN, Roku, ethernet switch

      Sounds like you need to move the switch behind the router.
    10. eddiek2000

      Need a good dog veterinarian in St Mary’s?

      Tidewater is our go to.
    11. eddiek2000

      GymRatz NFA issues

      It is a shame. I haven't dealt with John for over a year or so, but all of my prior transactions were awesome. 2020 SUCKS!!
    12. eddiek2000

      Celebrating 15 Years of MDS

      Very Nice, I'm in!
    13. eddiek2000

      Electronic components, bread boards, ICs, PIC microcontrollers, etc

      Nice Giveaway!! Congrats K31!
    14. eddiek2000

      Any 1st-hand knowledge? St. Mary’s Ryken School

      Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner!!!!!
    15. eddiek2000

      Any 1st-hand knowledge? St. Mary’s Ryken School

      I wish it was 10-14. 16 or so paid in full/one payment. Then there is the clothing costs, transportation costs, food costs, and sports teams costs. My kid loves it but his grades are lacking and we are on the fence for next year. We are members in good standing in our Parish and I've heard...
    16. eddiek2000

      Firearms insurance?

      Collectables insurance here too. About $175 renewal.
    17. eddiek2000

      Phone screen

      What I'm saying is does your cc provide any insurance? I had same problem some years ago and Citi provides some accidental coverage upon purchase. Got a new screen installed by Samsung for nothing.
    18. eddiek2000

      Phone screen

      Did you use a credit card to purchase? Does it have insurance?
    19. eddiek2000

      Amazon Smile program

      SAF here as well.
    20. eddiek2000

      eBay coupon 11/21 15% off

      Got one too, and it wasn't that code. Worked for me in the app. Been waiting to get a new air dam for my charger, but didn't want to pay full price. Guess patience pays off, saved $30 in the end - $15 off and found a cheaper deal than I've been watching.
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