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    1. winch

      Waist Bag Size Carry Options

      I’ve been experimenting with a sling bag but I haven’t used it yet.
    2. winch

      SIG P322

      I took mine out today and used Mini Mags. 110 rounds out of 5 mags with only 1 Fail to Load which may have been a mag loading issue. I had to zero my Romeo Zero and at 10 yards I was getting 3” groups from a rest. I was happy that I had no Fail To Fires.
    3. winch

      Any one CC with empty chamber?

      I was extremely nervous about carrying with one in the pipe at first but now I carry with one in the pipe and safety on. My CCW is striker fired and I cannot understand how people carry one without a safety.
    4. winch

      Favorite Multi-tool?

      I like the Skeletool but my fav is the Victorinox Spirit. It’s almost a work of art.
    5. winch

      NCR trail expantion In central Maryland.

      This is a stupid idea. The NCR is plenty long enough as is.
    6. winch

      Towson and surrounding area Crime reports

      I’m in Towson. My truck has been broken into twice now. Steer clear of the mall.
    7. winch

      Crabs on the Miles

      I spent some time on the Miles River when I went to MEBA (merchant marine school). It's a very nice river.
    8. winch

      Beretta 92FS

      I really like the Italian 92FS. I have the blue and the Inox.
    9. winch

      What optic are you using on your 9mm PCC?

      Romeo 5’s and the model below it…MSR I think.
    10. winch

      SB1 (2023) - Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)

      These restrictions will result in increased gun theft from vehicles and more illegal guns on the street. Brilliant move, MGA!! Support MSI and shove the "Gun Safety Act of 2023" up their a$$!
    11. winch

      CX4 Storm Irons vs. Optics

      I put a green dot on mine.
    12. winch

      Build or Buy first AR15

      For my first, I built the lower and purchased a complete HBAR upper from Rock River Arms. Recently I purchased the WW that is mentioned above.
    13. Beretta 85BB Nickel

      For sale Beretta 85BB Nickel

      My father bought this gun new in about 1979. He shot half a box of ammo then gave it to me. I shot about 75 rounds so the round total is about 100. This is an 8 round single stack .380, with the original SS mag plus another Beretta mag that I purchased recently. Also included is a Bianchi...
    14. S&W 586-8 , 4"

      For sale S&W 586-8 , 4"

      I fired one box of ammo then put it in the safe. Purchased new in Feb. 2019. No mods. Includes the following accessories: -S&W original box, paperwork, lock, etc. -Bianchi #111 holster (never used or carried) -Set of snap caps You can look up the specs but in brief... -.357/.38 Special +P -6...
    15. winch

      SIG P322

      1 week turnaround by SIG is pretty impressive. I need to go to the range and check to see if they fixed it
    16. winch

      SIG P322

      I get the part about loading the mags properly. My issue is that a round that is in the chamber does not go a light strike of the firing pin. I thought that the problem may get better after break in but it got worse. It's wierd because this is the second handgun that I've bought...
    17. winch

      SIG P322

      Well, I'm having a 17% FTF rate so it's going back. I called SIG and it was painless so far. Also, about the 25 round mags....I went to PA Freedom Armory and they were $49.95 each. The 20's were only $39.95 lol.
    18. winch

      Baltimore County Game and Fish Bull Roast

      Giving this a bump. Please support your local club. The oysters are top shelf, plus shrimp and pit beef.
    19. winch

      SIG P322

      I have been to the range 2x with my new P322 and here are my comments: -I tried several brands of ammo and so far Blazer works best, even better than Mini Mags. -It’s not that accurate. Not horrible but not a tack driver at 15 yards. -Loading the mags correctly is key to reliable function...
    20. winch

      Carrying a Beretta Cheetah

      I have a nickel 85BB and it’s a cool gun. I wish that it had a decocker though.
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