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    1. Anotherpyr

      Hours this week 01/10/24

      The last two are tempting
    2. Anotherpyr

      Victory in MSI HQL suit

      Except I just renewed the stupid license.
    3. 2 oz .999 Silver Bullets

      Reply to question by 'Anotherpyr' on the classified ad '2 oz .999 Silver Bullets'

      They are hard to find. That said, I did find them for $70 each online. Coins and other collectible silvers trade at a higher price than spot price.
    4. Anotherpyr

      "Free Range" Meat Source

      I was thinking of trying this site
    5. Anotherpyr

      Which Electric Mower?

      Don’t waste your time. While I’ve had good luck with Toro, I found the 30” to be a heavy piece of crap that took more work to mow with than a regular self-propelled mower. The self propelled system gave out after year or two as well.
    6. Anotherpyr

      Have a Name Suggestion? Best One Gets $20!

      It’s a 357 Magnum. It needs a sturdy name. So I’d call it Bertha. You love her. She loves you. But no one in their right mind would want to meet her.
    7. Anotherpyr

      Biden calls 9mm ‘high-caliber weapons,’ suggests banning them

      Sadly the article on this I saw included any cartridge plus bullet bigger than a 9mm. So in their mind 5.56 > 9
    8. Anotherpyr

      WV Property-Search thread:

      Cut their heads off with an axe or wring their necks. That’s we did it when I was a kid.
    9. Anotherpyr

      When Bill Maher complains about crime....

      Maybe I’m an outlier but I didn’t see what was funny about what Bill Maher was saying. So the laugh track stood out to me. I couldn’t help but think that laughing at the problem instead of being concerned by it might just be the real problem.
    10. Anotherpyr

      SB387 "Public Safety - Untraceable Firearms" - The Ban on Private Firearm Making

      If no FFLs are willing to do this then doesn’t that create a situation where the law can be challenged since one would be unable to comply? I don’t doubt they’d be happy with a complete ban caused by this, but it strikes me as being wrong.
    11. Anotherpyr

      Mr Heater - Buddy Heater at Walmart $69

      Probably clearing them out for spring.
    12. Anotherpyr

      Mr Heater - Buddy Heater at Walmart $69

      Pickup one at Costco for $74.99. Includes the hose for using a bigger tank.
    13. Anotherpyr

      26-year-old shot to death in Westminster

      Was remdesivir found at the scene?
    14. Anotherpyr

      Hours this week 2/1/22 Change

      Depends on the model. But you know that already.
    15. Anotherpyr

      Playstation 5 Walk In at Gamestop 01/14/2022

      I hate that GameStop does this as “bundles” with crap you don’t want to jack up the price $200
    16. Anotherpyr

      ATF seized Larry Vicker's collection

      A machine is only worth $1000 apparently. I wonder what century their appraisal book was published.
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