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    1. buckslugger

      AMMO Find! Help.

      guns and great stereo equipment at Best Products whitehead road i think
    2. buckslugger

      Need an old car with a big block pref w/blower

      Very rare find they bring large dollars the KZ 1000 and 900 esp the z1r or the 900 Ltd Ooooh but so nice
    3. buckslugger

      Lefty sheaths

      I have a really nice buck{combat /woods } blade and an old K Bar precision hunter I would like to get sheaths made for simple in design left side carry ,, Any ideas where I could take or ship the blades to have then made close to white marsh ...
    4. buckslugger

      1911 Gun Porn

      dig the Detonics combat master
    5. buckslugger

      50% off all no auto benchmades

      im finding myself growing fond of the spyerco made jn japan series of knives they have as well as the USA made ones love the delica japan series as of late
    6. buckslugger

      How about some GLOCK porn?

      Gen 1 Wow my gen 1 __19 is worth that much ??
    7. buckslugger

      308 stripped lowers

      308 lowers thanks for the replies , i may have to give A1 a call soon , if anyone else sees any 308 lowers in stock at local shops let me know please
    8. buckslugger

      308 stripped lowers

      are stripped 308 AR lowers cash and carry ?? anyone local have them in stock ??
    9. buckslugger

      Benelli Nova Trigger

      Do any of you guys have a link to a trigger job or dissaembly/assembly video for a Nova trigger assemblyit would be much appreciated thnx Harvey
    10. buckslugger

      Rock Island G I sights

      I would like to get a set of night sights installed on mine ..the front sight is staked on now so I assume the slide needs to have a dovetail milled into it is this something you can perform sir and what would the approx. cost be thanks Harvey
    11. buckslugger

      MD 1911 Sticker Giveaway

      Sticker I'm in !!
    12. buckslugger

      20 yr old strong son in Rosedale needs work

      My son , who is 20 yrs old , strong , is looking for a labor/ helper job or jobs, we live in Rosedale near white marsh mall, he has a learners permit but no car , pretty easy going guy and will work hard, pm me if anyone needs help or text at four one zero 322 169 five , his name is Wyatt ,, thnx
    13. buckslugger

      $100 Giveaway

      100$ giveaway I'm in to win !
    14. buckslugger

      450 bushmaster upper

      Someone local was looking for an upper ,,pm me if still looking know of a good deal !!!
    15. buckslugger

      450 bushmaster upper

      Who here was looking for a 450 upper pm me if still looking
    16. buckslugger

      308 lower reciever

      Thnx sir
    17. buckslugger

      308 lower reciever

      Any in stock anywhere and are they cash and carry ??
    18. buckslugger

      Older Browning Hi Power sale ??

      It's not c&r and I changed the ad to state the 13 rd mag has to be sold out of state
    19. buckslugger

      Older Browning Hi Power sale ??

      I have an older Browning Hi Power I need to sell quickly,,what's the best way or where to sell have some expenses coming up and getting funds together.. What IP s urchase guns and give decent prices,just want a fair price. I also listed in classifieds It's 1991 model so it's not c&r This is...
    20. buckslugger


      Turbo 900 z1s. Fast 308s. Loud fast jams. Small crazy bitches with vise grip taters. And still waited for my purchases to be correct if going thru the system ! Never give ammo to be noticed youngins
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