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      Bald Mortgage Guy Ammo Karma 2023!

      Thanks for the Karma 1. sxs 2. BossmanPJ 3. Bertfish 4. Nobody 5. md_rick_o 6. Meatgrinder 7. gforce 8. Sundazes 9. Justemily 10. Djcerna 11. Mondial 12. Mark75H 13. Rseymorejr 14. W.Coyote 15. Rbird7282 16. dontpanic 17. Ted76 18. putneyswope 19. motorcoachdoug 20. Dalebert 21. coinboy 22...
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      Pa concealed DENIED

      Just giving a baseline for PA. I applied Monday was approved Tuesday and picked up today in York. Officer did say they are swamped. Less than 10 minutes to pickup permit.
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      Feedback posted by magwell on rkouns2003

      A+ very smooth transaction. I'm happy with item.
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      Shout Out to Tyler Firearms

      I've done business with them and they were very professional and helpful. I would not hesitate to purchase from them again.
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      Costco Firman 3200W / 4000W Peak Dual Fuel Inverter Generator $600 + tax

      Great price and have looked at these in the past. Problem is this is shit from China. The generator that is.
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      Spooky ghosty gun

      Nick do you know what the difference in the rear rails from post #9 and the machined rails which are held in place with screws. Post #9 are bent sheet metal but the frame models step files appear to use the screw in type rails. Do I have an older version of G19 file?
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      Any Good Black Friday Finds?

      Thanks! Picked up complete slide $187, great deal.
    8. M


      Thank you sir and God Bless you for taking a stand against these tyrant's.
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      Winchester Wildcat vs Ruger 10/22 range day

      Thanks for writing such a detailed and interesting review. I have to admit I'm a bit biased to the 10/22. The May issue of American Rifleman also had an article about the Wildcat if anyone needs more reading on the rifle.
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      Can’t remember SH@T Karma

      New to reloading and have only done 9mm, so that's my favorite. I'm in thanks.
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      COVID Restrictions lifted on Memorial Day

      Electronic voting machines. Wolf and VAs blackface, We don't know how long this has it been going on.
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      Happy Sweet 16 MDShooters.

      Happy Anniversary! Thank you very much to all the people who keep it alive.
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      GOP introduces nat‘l reciprocity bill in Senate

      Exactly, if these phonies every get control again it'll never see the light of day. Band standing BS.
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      Tipman AR type 22

      I have one of the elite versions and like it. Mine is fairly reliable with mini mags but not as reliable with all brands of ammo as stated in the online reviews. Accuracy is great as stated. The fit, feal and looks are very close to an ar-15. I replaced the Tippmann stock with a Magpul. Got mine...
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      Breaking in a new semi auto 12ga

      Try some Winchester AA in 1300 fps. If it doesn't cycle with those something else is wrong. Worked magic on my new A5 which won't cycle cheap Walmart ammo.
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      10/22 Takedown Backpacker Review at Appleseed

      As always it's great to hear from Appleseeders. Thanks for the great article and keep up good work.
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      Gen. Washington Resigned Today

      Thanks for posting! I appreciate you taking the time to put it together.
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      Painting an AR

      Check out TREX Arms YT on how to paint rifles.
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      Remington 870 Magazine Extension

      I'm a bit late also but this is what I did to flatten out the dimples on my 870. I purchased a cheap pair of vise grips from Harbor Freight and used a Dremel to shape jaws as shown in the photo attached. With a few squeezes of the tool they flattened out nicely. I didn't like the idea of...
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      Mayor Brandon Scott

      I'm not going to the city or spending any money there. They only get what they steal through my taxes. No sports or culture from that 3rd world city in my future.
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