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    1. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      night vision vs thermal

      Sightmark store on Amazon. I just printed the return labels and requested a refund.
    2. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      night vision vs thermal

      It's a bad one. You can "blindly" navigate based on number of clicks to change the reticle color, but the menu doesn't display on the screen when doing so.
    3. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      night vision vs thermal

      Bought a Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50mm to dip my toes in the NV game. That lasted about an hour before I boxed it up and initiated the return. Cannot access any of the submenus - reticles, zero, etc. Must have got a bad one.
    4. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Shotgun red-dot

      I put a fastfire 4 on my 1301 and it's held up so far.
    5. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Any 'net bought emergency food worth it?

      Just stock up on barbecue sauce. God will provide everything else.
    6. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      "Inflatable" tents?????

      I backpack a lot on the east coast. Never worry about anything with more than 2 legs. From a tent perspective, I just sling a hammock with a fly. If i'm somewhere with the skeeters, the bug net hangs on the same cord with the fly. If you're worried about 4-legged critters around here then...
    7. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Proper gun storage in humid climates (don't be like me)

      I used to have mildew problems in the garage, so I installed a dehumidifier with a pump that drains to the sump pump pit in the corner. Garage stays around 50% now (provided the wife/kids don't leave the garage door open) with no more mildew. That said, I don't store my guns in the garage.
    8. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      current ATF wait time

      Individual eForm 1 tax exempt SBR submitted 5/30, approved 9/27.
    9. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Paw Paw time

      I think I might plant a few when I get the underbrush on top of the hill tamed (winter project). When is the best time to plant those things?
    10. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Garden Thread 2023

      Soooo......don't cut kindling for old fashion Hungarian goulash over an open fire when you've been drinkin. Could probably take 3 or 4 stitches, but I got the bleeding stopped and some [more] alcohol and and a dab of superglue should resolve the situation.
    11. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Garden Thread 2023

      Could be Anthracnose, Downy Mildew, or Target Leaf Rot (fungal, and most likely), in which case need to use a fungicide. If bacterial like Angular Leaf Spot, is toast. A lot of cucumber diseases look the same.
    12. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Great Wolf Lodge coming to Cecil County?

      All I can think of is this…
    13. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Garden Thread 2023

      Beans are real easy. Grow from seed, get the stringless variety, and give them something to climb (I use jute twine). Biggest issue is keeping the deer away, because they love bean plants and will eat them before anything else (haven’t had an issue since putting up the electric fence):
    14. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Garden Thread 2023

    15. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Garden Thread 2023

      Today’s harvest.
    16. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Garden Thread 2023

      Put up an electric fence. No garden munchin last night, but she was here this morning eating the hostas on the other side of the house.
    17. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Garden Thread 2023

      Used to do that with the groundhogs.....sting them and they take off, but they're right back the next day. This doe is a rather bold, stubborn b*tch. Same one each afternoon. Can yell at it out the window, will look at you, then keep going about her garden munchin business. Dog runs it off...
    18. govwontletmebuycoolguns

      Garden Thread 2023

      Deer was back this afternoon to finish off the lettuce (literally standing in the raised box munchin). Grabbed my daughter and pointed the enemy out to her out the window.
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