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      Belt-Feds banned in Maryland?

      are semi-auto rpd,,purchased in 2009.have not shot it a long timr go wagtail
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      My very good friend passed this evening

      "Moose" is not dead, before he crossed over to the other side; he left a small piece of himself deep inside each one of us. Wagtail.
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      My very good friend passed this evening

      Just heard from Joe about "Moose" crossing over to the other side! Hope it was a quick passage. Have had a couple of health events last few months,so unable to attend the Hooligan Sunday shoots. We will miss his laughs,the loud short sleeve shirts, it would be -20 deg. F. and he is shooting with...
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      2nd Annual Hooligan Visit 5/15-5/17

      I'm in! Wagtail
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      French Police SMG

      "Open bolt" Allows the barrel to cool between shots. Wagtail.
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      Giving 12Ga. shotgun to nephew?

      Can I give the above product to my nephew? He lives just outside of Richmond Va. Would be f/f. Thanks.. Wagtail
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      took the '73 to the range.Problem!!

      Joe.If you are in the area,would be delighted to arrange a meet,and hold event. Going to see Dr.Johnson Tuesday noon about the busted nose. Two months tomorrow since I took the trip. Still have a hard tyme breathing thru the nose. Best to staff. Wagtail
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      took the '73 to the range.Problem!!

      Fidelity..Yes it was indeed Taylor's Uberti 1873 24.25" rifle. The long barrel seems to have a rock steady feel to it. Taylor's is having a dealer.. customer event May 17/18 at their facility. I hope to have a couple hands on, with several other models. A real joy to shoot,and I must say quite...
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      took the '73 to the range.Problem!!

      I think the '73 needs a playmate! Put 40 rnds into targets at 25 yrds. Recoil..A little bit more then a M-1 Carbine.. Ejection of empty cases very. positive. A big thanks to 4570 for recc. the longer barrel. From the bench rest it feels very solid. Pat and I were at the range 1400...
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      The baby arrived this afternoon.

      ups brought my Taylor's 1873 Uberti "Special Sporting rifle/24.25" barrel,45LC this afternoon! The wife said it looks like a work of art. Someday! when it stops snowing, the rifle goes to the range. Five rounds for each of the Hooligans. 4570 gets to shoot it first.IF he survives that...
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      It's on the Brown truck headed West.

      Uberti 1873 Special Sporting rifle..24.25" 45 Colt. All the good things one hears about "Taylors"s in Winchester is true.The ladies are very sharp and know the product. "Laura" is a piece of work.Funny lady. And she really enjoys her work. Going to Front Royal in a couple...
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      Winchester model 1873..Miroku

      Has anyone in the group,seen,purchased ,one of the above rifles? Any of our dealers have one in stock? $$$$ .Thanks. Wagtail
    13. W


      Summit weather cam. Greenland ice cap @ 10,500'. -20 deg.f. Wagtail
    14. W

      Tavor-21 9mm Conversion kit.

      Has anyone found out whether the 9mm barrel will meet Md law on overall length? I sure hope it does!! Also understand,does not come with sights? Best to group. Wagtail
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      Winter Has Begun - And it IS here...

      Greenland summit weather station..10,530 feet. -18 deg.F. Got fully dressed,took a few minuted. Walked up to the end of our driveway 259 ft. Back to the house. Guys. this cold actually hurts! Be careful. County govert . telling people to stay inside Some business in Oakland closed. Wagtail.
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      Winter Has Begun - And it IS here...

      Troop.. On top on the Greenland Summit. 10,375 Feet. Web Cam. -36 Deg.F. Winds South 13.0 knots. And Garrett county will be close to that number Monday/Tuesday night. An aside.. The Isle of Man was pounded by a "Fair weather Gale" on 3 Jan. Winds to severe gale force 10. Go to Manx radio...
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      New Smith in Western MD

      Perhaps we should invite him to a Sunday Shoot? If he REALLY likes goats, that would be a big +! Wagtail.
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      New Smith in Western MD

      A suggestion for the group. Let's all the Hooligans get together one day,and pay him a visit! We best ring him first. Best to staff. Wagtail.
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      Need Help to Identify Pistol

      Pin Fire.Yes! Looks dumb enough to be French! Wagtail
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      Feedback posted by wagtail on BUFF7MM

      Top notch member of the forum, easy to deal with. Bud thanks for the purchase, we'll get together in the next couple of days on this, thanks again.
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