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      looking for someone who can draw what's in my head :whack: I have an idea I would like to be a j peg form a design I think is what I want. I did some Googleling have some clip art to give an idea of what want non gun related. BBQ related. any help
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      IP Hershon Legal, LLC and red flag

      Just want to take min. to thank you Ed for doing the Red Flag seminar tonight at J2 sorry for all the question Ed very informative :thumbsup:.
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      NY State banning body armor

      HOTAIR.COM Given the number of incredibly stupid ideas that get cooked up in the New York State legislature, it can be tough to point to any of them that truly stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of idiocy. But with a recent measure introduced a couple of weeks ago, we may have a...
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      WTB sausage making

      Looking to get into sausage/beef stick making . Anyone have something laying around that they may want to sell grinder dedicated stuffer vacuum/tumbler for jerky . Lets see what ya have and how much. Thank You
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      Joe Rogan ?

      Joe Rogan found dead ? Delete not true
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      2a virtual rally
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      Sanners Lake Sportsmen s Club

      The SLSC swap meet is fast approaching! The event will be held on Saturday August 15th starting at 0800 at the Hollywood Volunteer Firehouse Bingo Hall and surrounding parking lot. We will have tables for rent inside the building or you are welcome to set up in the parking lot for free. This...
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      pure gold

      WTB 2 Beretta 12 ga Optima HP skeet ext. choke tubes #5 ?
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      anyone else having issues login into CastBoolits
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      be careful leaving your clubs

      This is a report of an event that happened to a friend today: “My St Marys County friends. Left the (sportsmen’s) club today approx. 1530 and was forced to pull over in front of Dollar General on Great Mills. Was told to get on my knees and beg forgiveness from BLM. SERE graduate (retired Navy)...
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      5 mm Remington

      A friend inherited from his grandfather a 5 mm Remington rifle but has no magazine . He has asked me to try and locate one or two pending price for him its a long shot but I'm asking for him as I said i would do. Thank You
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      reloading a M1 Abrams Tank

      OK its not reloading your bench top reloads but thought it would be fun clicky link little to no computer skills
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      357 mag and hp 38

      went on online and cant seem to find a formula for 357 mag. 158 grain round nose cast lead and HP 38. bored and that's the powder i have. any help
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      SB 816 fire arms dealers act

      yes searched but it was a fast search NSSF- The Firearms Industry Trade Association Maryland Dealer Bill to be Heard Thursday Contact the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee Today On Thursday, February 20, the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee...
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      Maryland Rising OK i stink at the computer game
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      Metro Gun Club

      Metro Gun Club Waldorf Md trying to find out some info Facebook page only has post of a few that recommends it go to the wix website and wth. So I gave up
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      Va Illegals

      Tim Kane wants Va residents taxes to pay for Illegals tuition
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      Any experiences with Shotkam input please
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      Sanner Lake

      Toys for Tots Fundraiser at the Pistol Pits. Come out and help make this annual fundraiser a success! While it's called 3-Gun, NO experience is needed. We will have helpful Safety Officers to guide you the whole time you are shooting. Every year we have many folks who have never fired a gun...
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      search has no results Billman Choke yes ok to good or no junk run the other way
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