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      La Plata Growth Gone Wild

      Nailed it
    2. B

      Looking for Chevy engine or heads
    3. B

      MD nature pics thread Pasion vine correct location this crap grows like crazy ask me how I know
    4. B

      The Canning Thread should some be interested . saw it and thought of this thread 15 Qt All American canner model 915 $270.00
    5. B

      The Canning Thread

      Joseph looks like your ready to go with that pot
    6. B

      Hancock meats

      Just paid 18. per pound this past Saturday at Russel Brothers in St Mary County across from Chopticon High School . Pricey yes but it will feed the Mrs. and I both
    7. B

      Garden Thread - 2021

      Id like to agree with you but it is 2021 could be a shimmater
    8. B

      FFL hit in St Mary's?

    9. B

      Shooting Range

      you still keeping that weight off sir
    10. B

      Shooting Range

    11. B

      Shooting Range

      edit deleted
    12. B

      Shooting Range

      Sad I tried to become a member years ago glad It didn't happen. Joined Sanners and never looked back
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      Shooting Range

      Not sure I still hear about property obtained in Indian Head I think. Also just saw today the Middleton build with indoor range is empty and for sale and auction signs out front
    14. B

      Arisaka Karma

    15. B

      New User from Charles County

    16. B

      The Canning Thread

      Thank You sir the Mrs just put in her amazon books she found a revised 2020 version 9.00 bucks
    17. B

      The Canning Thread

      Thank You I think I need to read some
    18. B

      The Canning Thread

      possibly jellies jams but thinking more vegis and maybe bbq sauce the bbq sauce will have bourbon in it
    19. B

      The Canning Thread

      So if a total novice wanted to get into canning can it be done with out buying specialty cookers etc. ? Want to dabble to see its for or not for me and don't want to throw hundreds of dollars. Thank You
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