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    1. Ack Ack

      MD CCW Phone Interview

      I was contacted by the MSP investigator and need to call her back for my phone interview. Anyone have a heads up on the questions I'll be asked?
    2. Ack Ack

      Classic SKS

      Just picked up a Chinese SKS from Classic. I was a little hesitant to order, because I wasn't completely confident in Classic's reputation. I rolled the dice and was VERY pleased with what I got. The rifle was $399 and I paid the $20 bucks for a hand pick (didn't pay the extra $20 for a...
    3. Ack Ack

      BCCIWLA 2019 3D Shoot Schedule

      Here is the schedule for the Bethesda Chevy Chase Izaak Walton League 2018 3D schedule. The range is located in Poolesville MD. Directions in the flyer.
    4. Ack Ack

      BCCIWLA Poolsville 2018 3D shoot schedule

      Here is the schedule for the Bethesda Chevy (Poolesville) Chase Izaak Walton League 2018 3D schedule
    5. Ack Ack

      Winchester AA .410 at Dick's

      Anyone that shoots .410 knows how expensive it can be. 12 & 20 are often on sale for $5.00 (or so) per box, but .410 is usually $10-$12 a box. I swung by Dick's in Wheaton today, not looking for anything in particular, and stumbled on Winchester AA .410 marked down to $4.97. They had 10 boxes...
    6. Ack Ack

      P64 on MD Handgun Roster

      Ok, I'm sure it's on there somewhere, but I can't find it. I searched Makarov & P64 and came up empty. Anyone know how it's listed?
    7. Ack Ack


      I'm looking at picking up a Polish P-64 Mak. I live in DC and only firearms on "the list" can be legally registered. DC has its own list, but also allows guns on MD and CA lists. My problem is that I can't find the P-64 anywhere on the list(s). They are listed by mfg and I don't know what...
    8. Ack Ack

      Long Gun Transfer (FFL)

      I know that all interstate transfers need to go thru an FFL. But, I was under the impression that only handguns needed to go thru the FFL in my home state (in this case DC, Mr Sykes). I thought that if I buy a long gun in MD or VA, from an FFL, that the DC FFL didn't need to be involved. Am I...
    9. Ack Ack

      S&W 5900 10 round magazine

      I'm looking for a factory S&W 10 round magazine for a S&W 5906. Magazines from a 910, 915, or any 59XX should fit.
    10. Ack Ack

      Looking for a S&W 5906

      I'm looking for a Smith 5906. Prefer adjustable sights and "square" trigger, but willing to consider others.
    11. Ack Ack

      Scope Change

      I'm thinking of putting a new scope on my Sporterized 1903 Springfield. It currently has a Weaver on it that uses a Weaver base and rings. Can I just pick a scope with 1" tubes and install it using the Weaver rings or is there more to it?
    12. Ack Ack

      Bueler Safety install 1903A3

      I recently picked up a Buehler safety for my sporterized '03A3. I had no problems installing it, but in order to get the safety to engage, the cocking piece needs to be pulled manually to the rear about 1/16" It disengages smoothly by thumb. I'm thinking something needs to be filed somewhere.
    13. Ack Ack


      Thinking about taking a ride out to Poolesville tonight and starting the process of joining. Any members here with advice? What time to show, etc...
    14. Ack Ack

      Dick's - Late Notice

      I realize that this is last minute, and that many don't like Dick's, but they have Remington Gun Club 12/20 on sale for $5.98 and Remington Core-Lokt rifle ammo for $18.89 ($2 Remington rebate on top of that or $16.89 all in). Guy at the counter said that he thinks today is the last day.
    15. Ack Ack

      Is this legal?

      I'm a district resident and own a few registered handguns. The guns are all registered to me. I'd like my wife to be able to go out to the NRA range and take a class using one of the guns we own. I'm wondering if she could legally transport them to the range (by herself, locked in the trunk...
    16. Ack Ack

      Non-Resident carry in a school zone

      I’m in the process of getting my Utah non-resident CC permit. I live in the District, so realistically, the only place I would carry on a regular basis is Virginia. I’ve been reading as much as I can, but haven’t found anything that clarifies the ambiguity between Fed and State when it comes...
    17. Ack Ack

      New guy from DC

      Hi guys, happy to be here! I'm enjoying reading about all the area happenings and issues. Like a few others here, I've been through the DC registration process a few times. It wasn't too bad, but some of that is due to the fact that I'm retired military (DD214 = training) and I already...
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