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    1. Engine4

      Rifle ?

      Is this a Remington 03?
    2. Engine4

      Sticky scope

      The rubber coating on one of my scopes has turned into a sticky mess leaving black residue on my fingers every time I touch it. Has anyone encountered this & what did you do to fix it?
    3. Engine4

      Gamo 440 pic rail

      I've got a Gamo Hunter 440 air gun that I want to mount a night vision scope on. The scope is a pic rail mount, but the rifle has a smaller mount on it that I don't know what it's called. Has anyone tackled this before?
    4. Engine4

      Six thousand post karma

      Damn, I've been here since 2012 & only amassed 6,000 posts? Gotta up my game if I want to catch up with RD. Anyway, in keeping with tradition I'm offering up a few Trump dollars & my "Donald Trump Lives Here" stamp that I've been using to deface as many $20 bills as I could before the sham of an...
    5. Engine4

      Safe for sale

      On the Carr Co Yard Sale page on FB.
    6. Engine4

      Katie Hopkins likes VCDL

      Check out Katie Hopkins rocking the VCDL sticker!
    7. Engine4

      Can hear lots of gunshots from my house

      Someone's having loads of fun today, & they didn't invite me! More than 2 or 3 guys shooting rifles, some doing serious mag dumps. Lucky bastards.
    8. Engine4

      WTB G17 mags

      So I bought a Sub2k months ago from a member, & just now remembered I never got around to getting any G17 mags for it. Before I go to the trouble of ordering some, would anyone here have any extras you want to sell?
    9. Engine4

      Need a branding iron made

      I need a small branding iron custom made so I can personalize bee boxes that I build. Figured I'd try here, I'd rather pay a gun friend before I order one from a company. It's an oval, 2"X3" with a few words & an image. Are there any machinists here?
    10. Engine4

      Patriot Picket & other patriots

      “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” – Thomas Paine Just read this quote today & it really hit me as quite relevant in today's climate.
    11. Engine4

      It's gonna get worse before it gets better

      In the same vein as the Tribulations in the Bible, I believe our fight to save the Constitution is about to get harder. We've seen how corrupt the Republican Party is, as well as the libs & the rest of the swamp. President Trump is our last best hope in all of this, but if all those against him...
    12. Engine4

      Repro Retro Colt carry handle scope

      Brownell's reproduction of the 1970's era Colt scope. Getting good reviews, guess I'll have to get one.
    13. Engine4

      NRA's Carry Guard Insurance cancelled

      Just got an email saying the NRA's insurance has been cancelled. I'm not surprised at all. :sad20:
    14. Engine4

      Silverado gun shows calling it quits

      He said not enough tables rented nor customers to make it viable anymore. :(
    15. Engine4

      NRA 2020 Meetings/Convention

      Ok, barring any big changes tween now & then, I propose a group of us members plan on being there to voice our displeasure & move to make big changes. Whatcha think, MDS road trip?
    16. Engine4

      Hi point carbine wall mount

      I want to get a lockable wall mount for my hi point. Has anyone done this with an AR mount? Just looking to see if it'll fit.
    17. Engine4

      Affordable Gatling gun

      If you've got $5000 laying around......
    18. Engine4

      Patriot Picket & the NRA

      I've been holding off on my 5000th post till I could write something worthwhile. Well, here goes. I propose a contingent of NRA Life Members & above in the Picket hold a meeting with some influential types that Rack & Stoveman have contact with & let them know what us common folk think about...
    19. Engine4

      Trump signs pro 2A executive order

      "Emboldened by the end of the Mueller investigation, President Trump today signed an executive order allowing the reciprocity of all state concealed carry permits." :party29::party29::party29:
    20. Engine4

      Our sheriffs in DC!

      Look who T45 invited to his veto party!
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