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    1. organized_mayhem

      .22 LR Ammo

      The threads and a limit is still very much needed. I was there a few hours ago. You guessed it, just a big empty shelf of what used to be 22.
    2. organized_mayhem

      I left a $26 pack of targets at Elk Neck

      The range rules. "8. All target stands must be removed from premises after use." I understand you had good intentions, but it was a violation of the range rules.
    3. organized_mayhem

      Elk Neck arrest for "transfer" of high capacity magazine: Fact or Fiction?

      The Cecil Whig couldn't report a car accident if it drove through their building. And if they did, it would be a week after it happened.:rolleyes: As an RSO at Elk Neck, I have heard no such story. Going to call BS on this one for lack of evidence,
    4. organized_mayhem

      elk neck this morning

      Sounds like you have much more spare time that I do to obsess about a range you do not use. But good try. Maybe you can use all that spare time and energy to make your range a better place. I wouldn't count on that though.
    5. organized_mayhem

      elk neck this morning

      There was always communication. The class was and still is free once we have enough people to conduct a proper class. The only cost was the class booklet and your own certification fee's to the NRA. It was pretty obvious you would have never been committed when the small cost was too much of a...
    6. organized_mayhem

      elk neck this morning

      Since you want to cry like little babies, he said he is looking into changes. I guess everyone needs their hand held for them because its so hard to pick up trash. Truth be known you have been pissing and moaning about Elk Neck ever since you dropped out as a RSO recruit. Seems to me you are...
    7. organized_mayhem

      elk neck this morning

      Which doesn't affect you at all. Is it that hard for you to understand? You have no fight in this. I'm sure if I look hard enough I can find people that won't go to your precious Oxford that you're so proud of. In case you haven't read, the Head Ranger (ENSF) also said that he is looking at...
    8. organized_mayhem

      elk neck this morning

      Were actually quite friendly. Just tired of know it all's that haven't got a clue. Like was stated before, for someone who Elk Neck doesn't affect at all, you always seem to have such an interest. Have fun at Oxford. I'll steer clear of anyplace that has you as a member.
    9. organized_mayhem

      elk neck this morning

      Bait? The only bait I see is the piss poor excuses everyone makes for not cleaning up their mess. How the area is or looks is not the problem. The joke is a bunch of ass clowns who think they are above the rules and the littering laws of the State of Maryland. So its a little wet and maybe even...
    10. organized_mayhem

      elk neck this morning

      I have seen the post. Does not matter in the slightest. Poor design does not give one the right to leave behind their trash.
    11. organized_mayhem

      elk neck this morning

      Seems to me that around August 2012, that area was spotless. Hard to believe, but it was. Maybe if people actually picked their trash up, there wouldn't be a pile there today. You can use every excuse in the world but in the end its just that.
    12. organized_mayhem

      Judge Napolitano - How to get first from Fox

      He used to have a show called Freedom Watch on Fox Business channel that was dropped in 2012. He definitely ruffled some feathers over there the several years he was on air.
    13. organized_mayhem

      anybody going to Elk Neck Shooting Range in the am?

      Per Shawn Day (ENSF Ranger) posting on the Unofficial ENSF shooting range Facebook page about 5 hrs ago, the range will be closed again tomorrow.
    14. organized_mayhem


      Here's something that shows the volume of these milestones. The first time I took a 2 week vacation roughly 4-5 years ago I came back to a little over 4k new posts. I haven't been on MDS for exactly 2 weeks and just came back to 29,629 new posts. :shocking:
    15. organized_mayhem

      Cecil county About to get screwed with new gun laws?

      Not for McCarthy the one proposing this in Cecil. He was just elected to the council last year and started his term in January. He won't need Votes for another 3 1/2 years.
    16. organized_mayhem

      Elkton/North East Walmart Ammo?

      Keep reporting it to the Corp office. Like I said in earlier posts, this is against Walmart policy and employee's can be fired for it. Make enough noise and they will do something about it. A Walmart employee was fired a few years ago from the Elkton store just for putting a dvd to the side so...
    17. organized_mayhem

      Amateur Radio FAQ

      Been inactive for several years. I should really get back into this. Been licensed for 21 years currently as KE3ON.
    18. organized_mayhem

      Maryland Law and your property

      Tell that to the victims of those wonderful home invasions that seem to be happening more often.
    19. organized_mayhem

      X-Ring Supply

      2007 After the owner was arrested on drug charges. If memory serves me correctly the owners sisters took over the place and had a nice fight with ATF to get back all the inventory seized by ATF when the original owner was arrested.
    20. organized_mayhem

      Elkton/North East Walmart Ammo?

      Thanks for the update. I keep forgetting Oxford has a Walmart. I have only been there once and wasn't impressed with the place. The floors were so dirty they looked like they hadn't been cleaned in days. Sad for a new store to look like that. Guess thats why I keep forgetting its there.
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