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    1. organized_mayhem

      ENSF is looking for help

      We are looking for oriented gun folk who either are trained as RSO's or are willing to be trained as RSO's and are willing to donate four 8.0 hour days a year towards working at the range as safety advisers. This is a 100% volunteer position and short of being able to shoot for free at the range...
    2. organized_mayhem

      Elk Neck RSO recruits

      Anyone who has volunteered to become an Elk Neck RSO and does not have access to the social group, please PM me your real name. We have some volunteers who I don't have screen names for. Also if any of you have not already requested access to the social group, please make sure I have your real...
    3. organized_mayhem

      ENSF RSO's back on duty starting this weekend.

      RSO's will be back on duty starting this weekend at Elk Neck.
    4. organized_mayhem

      ENSF SOP review meeting for current RSO's and all interested volunteers

      ENSF Range Safety Officers, recruits, and any others interested in becoming an RSO at Elk Neck. On October 13th at 6:30PM we will be conducting a review of the SOP, this is step one towards getting all of you trained or retrained for duty as range safety officers for ENSF. please make...
    5. organized_mayhem

      ENSF Needs help.

      ENSF Needs help. As many of you may know in the fall of 2009 a volunteer safety program was created and implemented at ENSF, a huge (positive) impact on shooter safety was realized and a lot of good was done by those in the program. Unfortunately and for various reasons, almost two years...
    6. organized_mayhem

      North East Walmart again selling guns

      I was in the Walmart in North East MD today. Add them to the list of Walmarts that are selling guns once again. :thumbsup:
    7. organized_mayhem

      Smigiel prefiles recip. bill

      Must have sub to read entire article but here is the link.
    8. organized_mayhem

      FL permit no longer recognized in PA???

      A friend of mine just told me he was told by a PA gun shop that as of this week PA is no longer recognizing the FL permit as well as possibly others. He was told he can get a PA non-res permit. I mentioned to him the part about having to have a permit from your state of residence to get a PA...
    9. organized_mayhem

      What caliber?

      I was over at my buddies house a little while ago and was telling him he should get back into shooting and go to the range with me sometime. He broke the few that he has and I was checking them out. One of them is a Mauser 189L. he said he doesn't have any ammo for it and is not sure what it...
    10. organized_mayhem

      D.C. Officials Weigh Making Semiautomatic Pistols Illegal,2933,377203,00.html
    11. organized_mayhem

      Founder of Anti-Gun Group Pleads No Contest to Weapons Charges,2933,323727,00.html
    12. organized_mayhem

      Oregon Teacher Fights to Carry Concealed Gun at School,2933,300180,00.html
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