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    1. John from MD

      Does ATF return your call?

      I finally decided to call ATF about my suppressors. After half a dozen tries and being on hold for 20 minutes, I left a message the last time. I left all the data they would ask for when they talk to you, if they ever talk to you. :rolleyes:
    2. John from MD

      Next fun Rimfire Steel match at AAF&G

      You DO NOT have to be an AAFG member to participate. This match is lots of fun and we take our time with new shooters. You have to have a rifle and pistol or revolver that can hold 10 rounds. I just shot yesterday with a Rossi 62 pump and had lots of fun. We limit the number of shooters to...
    3. John from MD

      Actor Matthew Mcconaughey calling for gun control Matthew McConaughey doubled down on his calls for gun reform in an exclusive interview on "Special Report" Tuesday after delivering an emotional address challenging gun ownership laws at the White House where he met...
    4. John from MD

      Midway has CCi Small Rifle primers

      They just sent me an email. Price is 89.99 plus.
    5. John from MD

      Beto shoots himself in head with this attitude He actually thinks that there are enough Texians who will vote for gun control. :crazy:
    6. John from MD

      Question about 9mm ejection

      On two occasions at my range, I have found about 50 9x19 cases about 3 feet in front of the firing line. The brass was clean so it wasn't from a blowback or silenced firearm and all were once fired. I don't know of any pistols that throw brass forward like that and my CMMG Banshee sure...
    7. John from MD

      Shyda's Outdoors Gun Show this weekend

      IT'S GUN SHOW TIME AT SHYDA'S!! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE CRAZY DEALS!! SALE IS THURS MAY 12TH - SAT MAY 14TH Click on the button below to see the sale! Sale Ad Call us with any questions (717) 273-6572 Shyda's Outdoor Center 1635 S. Lincoln...
    8. John from MD

      Don't buy from Bucks and Jakes outfitters

      These people state "FFL is not required" in their Gunbroker ad, plus I have a conversation with them about the Pietta 1858 BP pistol and they say nothing about an FFL. Factory New Condition FFL is not required Today they email me and say they have my money but need an FFL. I tell them we...
    9. John from MD

      Changed hammer spring in TalonP

      I just received a heavy hammer spring from Talontunes yesterday and did some preliminary work over the Chrony before it got dark. Wow! 1st, I can pressurize to 3000 PSI and effectively use the additional 300 PSI. With th lighter spring, I could only pressurize to 2600 if I wanted a shot...
    10. John from MD

      Chrony - Takes a Lickin'

      and Keeps on Tickin'! :party29: Ahh, the trials of shooting through a chrony with a scoped air rifle. Luckily both shots only damaged the plastic light sensor frame and not the sensor itself. :bowdown:
    11. John from MD

      Delaware Cabelas report

      I was at Cabelas today and I found the following. 1. Lots of bullets, Hornady, Sierra and all sorts of 500 round box pistol calibers. 100 times better than MD Bass pro stock. 2. No powder except for Pyrodex. No primers or caps. 3. Plenty of standard capacity mags both OEM, Pro Mag and...
    12. John from MD

      DC "Gun violence" costing taxpayers

      Can it be that every homicide in DC is from bullets? Doesn't anyone get stabbed or die from blunt force trauma anymore? Or maybe, this is all about taking guns away from honest people. :mad54: I'm sure...
    13. John from MD

      Texas sure has some fun three gun shoots.

      This is Jerry Miculek shooting three gun in Texas. Enjoy.
    14. John from MD

      The B*t*h who ruined PA's reciprocity gets busted again.

      The piece of demonrat crap who personally ruined the Pennsylvania CC reciprocity program is back in jail after having an accident while DWI. Not just driving while intoxicated but while on probation too! :party29...
    15. John from MD

      AirForce TalonP shooting report

      Well, after playing around with my TalonP, I started making mods and shooting over a chrony. First I pulled it apart, polished the contact areas of the sears and gave it a good lube. While doing that, I also added a TalonTunes trigger spring and the the top hat orifice kit. I also bought a 3D...
    16. John from MD

      DON'T leave Fusion batteries in your equipment!

      RayOvac Fusion batteries leak like a sieve! I'll never use them again. I had them in two of my portable GPS units and they leaked and weren't in there a year.:mad54:
    17. John from MD

      Just got my new AirForce .25 TalonP pistol

      Fedex brought it today and I just spent a couple hours wringing it out. The short story is that it is awesome and Powerful! It is totally stock out of the box except for adding my donnyFL Sumo moderator. I also bought the Ring Lock orifice kit and started with the smallest hole to see how...
    18. John from MD

      Got out with my .36 squirrel rifle today

      I managed to get out for a hour and thought I would share my results. I shot 12 rounds at 50 yards as you can see from the strip of patch material under the target. Now for the particulars. I have this rifle set up for 35gns of 3F and a CCI #11 cap. I have a few hundred musket caps that I...
    19. John from MD

      Stoney Creek Spring Sporting Goods Flea Mkt

      Stoney Creek Fishing and Hunting Club in Pasadena is having its Spring Sporting flea mkt on May 1st from 9 to 2. If you are interested in getting a table they are $10 each. Contact Robert Larsen < or if you are interested. You DO NOT have to be a...
    20. John from MD

      Put new grip on 365 today

      I have liked my Sig P365 but the grip was a bit thin for me. I tried putting a Hogue grip on it but that didn't work well as I have a CT laser on it. Last week I found out about Wilsons Replacement module for the Sig and ordered one. I got it in today and 1 minute later it was installed and I...
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