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      Name your top 5 Calibers & Karma

      22LR, 9mm, 45ACP,5.56, 12GA
    2. B

      Where to buy a Beretta?

      Not to be a detail Nazi. Beretta refers to their stainless guns as INOX. Im assuming you want a silver one when you say stainless. 615 is a pretty dang good price. I recently picked up a 92 Brigadier INOX. its essentially athicker slide on a regular frame. Also something to consider is the...
    3. B

      Feedback posted by bigalf on Alea Jacta Est

      Good guy, good deal Good luck in your new career!!
    4. B

      Your choice of battle sidearm?

      I too would go HK. I think HK45. I have the P30 in 40, but Id like a 45 if SHTF.
    5. B

      Any one else shooting groundhogs?

      Im jealous of you guys who live in such target rich environments. I went once and used a 22-250 and my 300 Win Mag
    6. B

      Cerakote First attempt 1911

      Id say that's a success. The silver looks great.
    7. B

      21 Best Guns for HD

      I have no idea the rhyme or reason they chose what they chose.
    8. B

      New PX at Fort Meade

      Blue label is open to Military and first responders. The gun cases are actually sold as blue label so the PX wouldn't match. Prices are a lot better. Glock 17 runs 425 with 3 mags.
    9. B

      How Old Were You When You Bought Your First Firearm?

      21 Moss berg 535 thumb hOle turkey gun. followed by a sigma 9. I only have one of them still..... and I can still Turkey hunt you can do the math.
    10. B

      semi auto vs revolver would this help you keep buying semi auto?
    11. B

      New PX at Fort Meade

      I was there a few days ago. they have been selling quite a few pistols. And I don't think they are reordering inventory because they had far less than they used to have. I heard it is a lot of retirees going in there and buying it up. It always makes me laugh when they sells glocks at retail...
    12. B

      semi auto vs revolver

      What are your challenges with the semi auto you feel would be fixed witha revolver? if your just worried about racking the slide there are options to assist with that.
    13. B

      Help fixing AR lower. JB Weld Question

      I really don't think you will learn any more about the platform from milling it yourself. HBAR are still in effect for an 80% lower right. And couldn't we buy stripped lowers in VA legally to build pistols or hbars with?
    14. B

      Odd Sig problem

      SOLVED: I had the trigger bar return spring in the hole not the notch in the trigger bar. it was causing the spring to bow out and hit the grips.
    15. B

      Odd Sig problem

      I have a Sig P220 and I did a SRT install. Now oddly, when a magazine is inserted I can not pull the trigger in double action. Ideas?
    16. B

      New or Future Reloader Karma

      9mm 45ACP 38/357 Thanks
    17. B

      Range is hot Video..

      Exactly. That could have been a lot worse.
    18. B

      New Keltec Sub 2000! (pics)

      Ive never heard of this. I have a Glock 9 model, what is the cost to melonite and where can I have this done.
    19. B

      Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical

      I just got a Brigadier in INOX, maybe trip to Wilson when the bank account recovers.
    20. B

      Hoarder recently passed away.....

      Sorry for the loss. Forget selling them. they can make money charging admission for just a viewing.
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