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      Herd Thinning - Collection Re-Focus

      If you have extra Lever guns in any centerfire caliber, I'll be interested. Also, any 357 or larger revolvers. I'm a fellow VA resident located in Arlington area if that helps
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      SB906 Higher Education Weapons Ban: Media to Share

      I graduated from UMD-CP two years ago and the only problem was off campus/non-student people robbing students at gun/knife point. Nobody has a gun on campus. And cops are always no more than 90 seconds away from these blue emergency poles that are within sight of any point on campus. If he's...
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      bang for the buck 308

      (I am biased) Weatherby Vanguard, it's on the upper end of that range, but damn it shoots nice. you can even get a DBM upgrade for it if you want to. I got mine used and damn it makes me look like I'm a good shot.
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      Virginia DMV questions

      Yes, I've looked plenty of times. It is to putt around town when it is needed. Not on a daily basis. It will be used for occasional use. I will not use it primarily for transportation of people or property on highways, but that doesn't mean I can never transport people or property on...
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      Virginia DMV questions

      Yeah but it keeps the car on the road and I'm following the letter of the law. The car is safe to drive and be in an accident, it just has some lights held in with mechanics wire, misfiring a little bit, and is way louder than it should be. Tires are still good, once they go, this car is...
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      Question regarding a SPAS-12

      Out of state residents can bring their guns in and shoot them, they just can't transfer them to MD residents permanently. He can still let you shoot his while he's there. I'd also stay away from storing them for a long time here.
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      how do I sharpen my machete?

      I always used a bench grinder. Or a regular grinder and used a vice to hold the blade.
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      Virginia DMV questions

      Hey guys, I just got a job offer for a place in Alexandria (right off of 395 near the King St area) and had a question about cars and the dmv (or mva, however you want to call it). I know I have to register my cars down there within a short amount of time. BUT, I just retitled a car (gift...
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      Greetings MD Shooters

      Welcome from Walkersville, I might give you a pm once I get a 3d printer for tech. advice
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      Mag shopping in PA/VA; living in Frederick

      DA, Sportsmans guide lets you. Firsthand experience recently. OP, Keystone sporting goods in Gettysburg. Also, driving down to the nations gun show in VA near DC will get you all kinds of mags for good prices. I saw plenty of glock mags for 18 bucks (knockoffs). The real deal ones were high...
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      The voting youth

      First time I voted was for Obama (2nd term), the next time I vote it will be for Bernie. I refuse to vote for Hilary mainly because of her last name, but there are other issues. I don't want dynasties in the oval office, that's how Kings are made. I know the candidates that are currently...
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      Frederick - Heritage Sale

      They're really trying to be more training oriented than retail. And they probably don't want to gain the ire of any anti-gun stuff in frederick with ARs. But they are nice people. I do wish they had more than primarily self-defense guns.
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      so you think the .50 bmg is big?
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      Crossbow advice

      I got one I'd sell you if you want. It's a carbon express from basspro. over 300 fps. I have 6+ bolts for it, broadheads and field points, cocking rope, wax, lube, etc. PM me if you're interested. I'm located in Frederick but I drive down to DC regularly to see the gf.
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      Reward for information about Dead Eagles Cause of death is unknown so it might not be an intentional kill but I thought people around Federalsburg, MD might want to be on the lookout
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      Frederick - Heritage Sale

      New email from Heritage. They included some prices in this one: Extended through February 29th. Our lowest prices on select “Red Tag” firearms! In addition to fantastic "Red Tag" savings get a FREE 25 pack of Precision Targets and FREE coupon for 3 hours of lane rentals with purchase of any...
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      Sobering Reality

      Are you sure? I thought you just had to lock them up, and a locked front door counted (as long as there is no one else in the place who are irresponsible, like kids or neighbors kids)
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      Range Officer Temperament

      2 years ago there a RO raised his voice and started giving me crap for not having my bolt open on my gun and how it's for safety and how dangerous I was being, once he stopped I waved my hand at him with the bolt in my hand. He told me 'Oh, well don't you know that you only have to have the bolt...
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      Grip it. Grip it good.

      First time my buddy and I ever shot a revolver he decided to pull the trigger with his middle finger and had his index fully extended along the frame/top of the cylinder. He shot and immediately yelped and had a nice burn with black marks from the powder. Luckily it was only 22 short and we...
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      Was real close to buying a threaded ruger for 235 but ended up keeping my wallet fat. I agree with some of the people here, come here once every three years or so and you'll be good. I thought there was too much overpriced ar stuff. If I drop 1500 on a gun I'm gonna go into a brick and mortar...
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