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      77R Litigation Successful - MSP Agrees that Dealers Can Release Guns

      My FFL said he got a letter from the FBI stating they are not to release their guns until the check has been completed.
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      A passer by...

      You should go around if you can. There's nothing really to benefit you aside from a quicker ride I guess.
    3. G

      GREAT NEWS!!!

      If its true, I am so ****ing delighted. WOOO!
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      Disassembled mags shipped to MD?

      Considering the restrictions of std-cap mags in MD, dealers wont ship mags over 20 rds to here. I know you can just get them over in VA and bring 'em in, but if you need it shipped could you purchase a disassembled mag? Would it be legal to assemble?
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      stop all the leaving and moving nonsense

      I can agree with the author to a certain point, but being in SoMD, VA is less than 5 miles from my current residence. It's just too tempting down here considering a few hundred yards of water is all that separates me and my family. I'll just invest in an easy pass to go over the Harry Nice...
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      Can we still get 80%s?

      I believe so. As long as the lower was purchased before 10/1 it can be anything you want.
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      Can we still get 80%s?

      Can we still buy some 80% lowers after 10/1, and legally build them? Sorry if this has been asked before
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      Maryland Shall Issue Files Suit Against the Maryland State Police

      Certain FFL dealers really don't care that much, and people I know have had their dealers give their gun to them the day it was shipped. These aren't common, as a certain FFL I know realized he is probably going to pass away soon so he is pretty much giving up on his business. I don't feel...
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      Harford County Fights Back

      When for St. Mary's?!?!
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      Send an AR lower out of State after 10/1?

      Say it is sometime after 10/1.(can't wait...:sad20:) My Lower gets a big crack init. Will it be legal to send it out of State to the manufacturer to get it repaired, and get it back? I know that you don't need an FFL to get it sent for repair. Thank you
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      FAL and G3 still legal after 10/1?

      It is my understanding that FAL and/or G3 rifles without folding stocks will still be legal after 10/1. Is it true? I've always wanted a stamped steel battle rifle. If these are banned too, I swear I will move withing the next 2 years.
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      Website for SB281 referendum

      Make this a Sticky!!!!!!!!
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      Mag ban effective NOW?

      I'm lookin all over the place to ind mags for my first AR build... none of the places are selling to MD. SO is the mag ban effective now of after 10/1?
    14. G

      AR popularity ?

      Just ordered a Stag lower from lansworldinc, in case you were looking for a Stag.
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      Need help signing up for

      Not with a wireless cell-phone connection. It's the only service I can get here.
    16. G

      Need help signing up for

      I use a wireless aircard, the kind you plug into a laptop. I have a router I plug that into and give internet to all the devices in my house.
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      Need help signing up for

      Actually, No. The only Internet I can get where I live is a wireless cell phone connection. That doesn't give me an e-mail.
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      Need help signing up for

      I know this doesn't really go with the topic, but I need help. Because of this BS legislation, I got a stripped Stag lower. So, I wanted to sign up for But, you need to provide a paid email service, not an anonymous one like gmail, yahoo... Unfortunately, my Internet Provider does...
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      AKM build-need help

      So I'm about to get a Nodak 100%, heat treated, pre-drilled receiver. I already have a parts kit for it. What sort of machinery do I need to put this thing together?
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      Will the AWB ban Stripped Lowers in MD?

      So we're still good to go with the HBAR's? No laws concerning them? Hell this really isn't THAT bad. It's still crappy tho.
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