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    1. 2flhun

      Consignment Guns

      I say the same thing every time that I go in. When I bought my P5 from them, it was a toss up. I bought the P5 and prayed that someone would take the P38. Picked up a couple of other pistols, and the P38 is still there. Someone needs to buy it before I talk myself in to it.
    2. 2flhun

      CASA/The real MOCO Jew Haters, call for ceasefire, decolonization; condemned ‘ethnic cleansing’

      Elrich, many of the CMs, MoCo agencies and Annapolis are 100% in bed with CASA. CASA issued an "apology", so it's all good now.
    3. 2flhun

      Egotistical Instructor Making His Own W&C Qualifications???

      He also carries the flag for the Police "policies" decided by Elrich, Jawando, Mink and the rest of the County Council.
    4. 2flhun

      No love for Heckler and Koch?

      The H&K4 (in .380) on top. Older cousin, Mauser HSC ( .32acp ) on the bottom On the hunt for the .22lr-.25acp-.32acp barrels/spring & mags
    5. 2flhun

      Phoenix Arms HP22A Range report

      I have one, bought it somewhere between 1995-1999 when I was in NM. I think that it's the "Target" model. Shot it once, dicked up the reassembly. F-ed it up so it is not non-functional. It's in the box, still with the price tag. Missed the MoCo gun buy backs multiple times. Mags never stayed...
    6. 2flhun

      Saturday - Looking for something to do - Beer

      Springfest in Poolesville. Beer, some food and bands. They are small pours. I just stay in line fo whatever beer it is that I really like. It helps that I am walking distance from Whalen Commons. If you don't like the small beers, Cuginis has a good beer selection on tap, there is also the...
    7. 2flhun

      PSA - JLowe Guns/Tactical Shepherd Estate Liquidation Sale

      Damn! I have Python taste, but an H&R budget right now after some other purchases. A lot of nice firearms, there are going to be a lot of happy people on Saturday.
    8. 2flhun

      School Bus Passing Violators and Hate Crimes in MOCO have Something in Common;

      They do haul butt on a regular basis. I have seen them go faster than 25mph on the streets through the neighborhoods, coast through stop signs here in town, drive well over 50 mph on 28. A lot of it may be schedule driven. In town, the buses pick up and drop off the HS kids, then the Middle...
    9. 2flhun

      Stained Glass Pub Pistol Whipping

      In my youth I went there a lot. Now it's when one of my kids has a HS game in the area. Grateful that the person was not shot.
    10. 2flhun

      Stained Glass Pub Pistol Whipping

    11. 2flhun

      Savage 1915 in .32ACP

      Nice pick up
    12. 2flhun

      Not Training. Not Safety. Just Some Wacko.

      Voda Tactical's advanced course, for the Tier 1, Operating Thetan Level 8's
    13. 2flhun

      It's mouse season, I'm hunting mieces

      Savage 1907 in .32acp and a pair of Nikes, in 1970s era Phillies colors
    14. 2flhun

      It's mouse season, I'm hunting mieces

      The latest addition, picked it up today from United. This should do it for my collection, at least until I see something else.
    15. 2flhun

      May need another .380

      Brought my .380 home yesterday. HK4 (top pistol) 1st one that I have owned since I had a Colt Government Model
    16. 2flhun

      How many mags?

      I have a S-load for all of my "modern" pistols and rifles. Less for the older pistols (Mauser HSC, Astra Cub Cadet, Colt 1903, Walther P5) just due to the cost. Average 4-5 for each of these.
    17. 2flhun

      My 1st HK handgun and their 1st

      In the past year, I have started collecting smaller caliber handguns. My recent purchase is the HK4 in .380/9mmK. I brought this one home today. It's an interesting pistol. They sold it in Germany to be a 4 in 1 pistol. It came with a .380 barrel and magazine, a .32acp barrel/spring and...
    18. 2flhun

      Upper MoCo Public Safety Town Hall

      And this gem is from tonights meeting. Mink (hate cops, especially when they don't change my tire) and Jawando(expired registration and blows off court) have a bill that will pretty much eliminate traffic stops for expired tags, too dark window tint, blowing through stop signs, equipment...
    19. 2flhun

      Upper MoCo Public Safety Town Hall Last week or the week before, shots fired near WMHS and then GHS (retaliatory?)
    20. 2flhun

      Upper MoCo Public Safety Town Hall

      Interesting to me, maybe to you if live up county
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