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    1. W.Coyote

      Jarrettsville VFW gun show Nov 3-5

      Kind of a snooze. 15 tables if I recall. Maybe 6 or 7 dealers.
    2. W.Coyote

      Business you can carry

      Custom Coach in Rosedale.
    3. W.Coyote

      Bald Mortgage Guy Ammo Karma 2023!

      1. sxs 2. BossmanPJ 3. Bertfish 4. Nobody 5. md_rick_o 6. Meatgrinder 7. gforce 8. Sundazes 9. Justemily 10. Djcerna 11. Mondial 12. Mark75H 13. Rseymorejr 14. W.Coyote
    4. W.Coyote

      A new sign?

      Seen at Custom Coach in Rosedale. All around good place!!
    5. W.Coyote

      PA non resident York vs Chester co

      Attractive but genuinely nice person.
    6. W.Coyote

      PA non resident York vs Chester co

      I can’t speak for Chester but York (especially using the satellite office) was sooo easy-peazy for me. The deputy that does permits knows her job and from our 10 minute discussion is solidly pro 2A.
    7. W.Coyote

      (Another) Yellooow from Aberdeen!

      I did my share of breaking things and blowing stuff up at APG for almost 47 years. Seemed every day was something different! Just retired in September.
    8. W.Coyote

      (Another) Yellooow from Aberdeen!

      Welcome! So what brings you to Aberdeen?
    9. W.Coyote

      Question by 'W.Coyote' on classified ad 'NA'

      Do you happen to have any more of the 9 mm JHP that member imanoldcowhand was referring to?
    10. G.I. Surplus Ammo Cans for sale.

      For sale G.I. Surplus Ammo Cans for sale.

      Used, good condition. 15-20 each available. Willing to meet in Harford or Eastern Baltimore County.
      $6.00 to $8.00
    11. W.Coyote

      Bel Air Gun Show February 3-5, 2023, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Harford County, MD

      The Armory is no longer an active state armory. From the Town of Bel Air website: In August of 2004, the Armory was donated to the Town of Bel Air. As caretakers of this iconic landmark, the Town has been dedicated to maintaining and renovating the building, and preserving its military...
    12. W.Coyote

      Harrisburg, PA; Dec 10 & 11, 2022

      I went to the Harrisburg show on Saturday and was impressed. Decent crowd but I didn’t have to sidestep around mobs. Really wide aisles. Lots of standard mags and Ammo. Prices didn’t seem to be too extreme. Maybe I’m getting used to it but didn’t seem to be gouging too much. All in all, compared...
    13. W.Coyote

      Do You Have A Maryland Carry Permit?

      Had Utah for a couple years. Got MD 2 weeks ago and picked up PA (York Co.) today.
    14. W.Coyote

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Mr postman DID deliver. Yay! HGP in hand 11/18
    15. W.Coyote

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      How’s the song go? Please Mr. Postman….
    16. W.Coyote

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Applied: 09/08/22 Accepted: 09/09/22 NICS: 11/07/22 Approved: In Hand:
    17. W.Coyote

      Carry options for a new Hellcat

      Yep. Got my 3 mags (2 15-rd & 1 13-rd) and soft case last week, shipped to a family member in PA. Cool beans!
    18. W.Coyote

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Congrats!! I’m a little behind you, submitted 9/8 & accepted 9/9. Just waiting….
    19. W.Coyote

      Carry options for a new Hellcat

      Hmmm. I like that - is it the Crossbreed Reckoning pictured? Mine is OSP but does not have the optics installed.
    20. W.Coyote

      Carry options for a new Hellcat

      Yeah, I realize that but was hoping to maybe get a head start as to what to avoid or maybe what to look more into. As much as I would like to go towards an IWB, I hate to admit that there is a little too much (ok, a LOT too much) of me already inside the IWB.
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