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    1. ianmcall

      Ammo Shipping to Montgomery County

      Thousands of rounds from I've been in MOCO since birth!
    2. ianmcall

      Utah Non Resident Permit Wait Time

      Check cashed 4/18/14 License Issued 5/15/14 Took possession 5/29/14 I check my mail once a week so it could have been waiting at the mailbox for a bit.
    3. ianmcall


      Warning...Over used joke to come.. Wait you mean you guys didn't submit your letters to the MSP notifying them your firearms were lost in a tragic boating accident near Baltimore Harbor?
    4. ianmcall

      Utah Non Resident Permit Wait Time

      Check cashed 4/18/14 I'll let you know when I get my permit.
    5. ianmcall

      Feedback posted by ianmcall on EarnestT

      Great deal! Thank You
    6. ianmcall

      House Gun Bill Day - 3/4

      So I can open carry my long gun in Maryland...?
    7. ianmcall

      amusement tax

      Rent a snowboard at WISP? Amusement tax.
    8. ianmcall


      The following is a news email release from the Maryland State Police. What violations did Mr. not so Smartt have in terms of his firearm transportation? To me it was obvious that he shouldn't have loaded or unloaded handguns that are uncased and unsecured. I am curious about violations in...
    9. ianmcall

      Feedback: Engage Uppers & Lowers

      finally got around to getting a built upper for my Engage Lower. Daniel Defense DDM v7 lw. Fits very snug with my lower. I'm extremely pleased!
    10. ianmcall

      Feedback posted by ianmcall on EarnestT

      Thanks for a great deal. Ammo will be used! +++
    11. ianmcall

      Paying MSI Members Poll... Children

      I am a child
    12. ianmcall

      A shotgun that shoots 20-16ga...?

      Also keep in mind that this is a family who claimed that their shotgun was "spitting" shot out of the receiver back at them... Solved that problem when I told them not to shoot #9 shot at bowling pins resting on a fence...
    13. ianmcall

      A shotgun that shoots 20-16ga...?

      Long story short. Girlfriends family owns a JC Higgins Model 20-16ga. They swear to me that the gun shoots 20-16ga ammo then wonder why they have problems cycling 20ga. They asked if I could do some gunsmithing voodoo on the thing and when I finally see the engraving on the shotgun I see where...
    14. ianmcall

      Off duty carry. Compacts and sub compacts.

      when you start looking for holsters keep PHLster in mind. They do great work. It's great for any IWB. Depending on when I'm wearing I use it for appendix and 4 o'clock carry.
    15. ianmcall

      Winchester PDX1 124 vs 147 Grain Bullet?

      Bought a new box of PDX1 and the bullet looks very different. Left is the 124 and right is the 147. To me the point looks drastically different. What do you guys think?
    16. ianmcall

      Off duty carry. Compacts and sub compacts.

      I LOVE my shield. To me it is the only choice out of the ones you listed. With a good IWB holster you can wearing anything. No need for a whole new wardrobe with long loose shirts. In the supper I could get away with fitted t shirts and board shorts. To my the shield is slimmer then all the...
    17. ianmcall

      FedEx is SUCH A JOKE!

      Everything was going fine with my most recent order until UPS handed it off to USPS for delivery. Package is supposed to be headed to Short Pump, VA... They were SO CLOSE but now so far.
    18. ianmcall

      Non regulated firearm transfer to PA resident?

      Are gifts different? Can I buy a shotgun in MD and give it to someone in VA?
    19. ianmcall

      Glock Stippling-Maryland?

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