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    1. Pay2Play

      Carry setup photo thread

      I’m running a P365 XL in a T.Rex Arms Sidecar holster. I was using a Magpul Tejas belt but switched to a Nex Belt today and am super happy with it.
    2. Sig P365 XL Carry Rig

      Sig P365 XL Carry Rig

    3. Sig P365 XL

      Sig P365 XL

    4. Pay2Play

      Senate Bill 16, complete AWB

      Well that didn’t take long. Geez.
    5. Pay2Play

      AR-15 saves lives?!

      Not a chance, sadly.
    6. Pay2Play

      Ballistic Advantage Lowers

      Any IP’s carry Ballistic Advantage lowers? I ordered a 10.5” complete upper from a recent sale they had on their website and want to get a matching lower for a pistol build.
    7. Pay2Play

      New Poll - Should AR15's be banned

      Just voted. Thanks for the link.
    8. Pay2Play

      Engage helped me buy a car today

      Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but that was me! I’m the General Sales Manager at Browns Toyota. I remember that day. I’m happy we were able to help and hope all is still going well.
    9. Pay2Play

      Glock Lower Parts Kit

      Does any IP in the Anne Arundel Co area carry Glock 19 lower parts kits?
    10. Pay2Play

      BCM vs DD 300 Blackout Barrel

      Perfect. I was already leaning toward 1-8. I didn’t see any discount codes and when I select the 16” length the price jumps to $455! I think I have it narrowed down to these two Wilson Combat barrels...
    11. Pay2Play

      BCM vs DD 300 Blackout Barrel

      One more question for you guys. Does it matter if I go with 1-7 vs 1-8 twist? Thanks again for all the help.
    12. Pay2Play

      BCM vs DD 300 Blackout Barrel

      Thanks for the recommendation. I just read through the reviews and everybody is extremely happy with it.
    13. Pay2Play

      BCM vs DD 300 Blackout Barrel

      Aha, gotcha. Excuse my ignorance. I had only seen 16” barrels with carbine and above length gas systems and assumed you had to go under 16” to get a pistol system. Thanks for the info.
    14. Pay2Play

      BCM vs DD 300 Blackout Barrel

      I didn’t have any immediate plans to add a suppressor, but I wouldn’t rule it out in the future. If I went with pistol length I’d either have to do an AR pistol or SBR. Is there any reason to not go with the carbine gas and regular ammo?
    15. Pay2Play

      Buckshot at gun range?

      Maryland Small Arms in PG County allows the use of buckshot. I’ve never been to Continental, so I’m not sure about them.
    16. Pay2Play

      BCM vs DD 300 Blackout Barrel

      That’s a good point that I didn’t think about. When I bought them I built one lower with a rifle stock and the other with a pistol buffer tube that I’m now going to take a part and build into a rifle since pistols are still legal. I already own a Daniel Defense V1 so I figured I’d build a 300BLK...
    17. Pay2Play

      BCM vs DD 300 Blackout Barrel

      I’m finally getting around to building an upper for one of the 2 lowers I purchased before Oct. 2013. I’m between 2 different barrels and was wondering if you guys would choose one over the other for any particular reasons. They are only $20 apart in price. Bravo Company 16” Enhanced Fluted...
    18. Pay2Play

      Frosh’s Rant in the Baltimore Sun

      Great response. I’m always surprised to see pro gun articles published in the paper.
    19. Pay2Play

      Mo' Used Guns

      Picture of #108 please. Thank you.
    20. Pay2Play

      MSAR - What a Disaster

      I went there today as well. Arrived a little after 2pm and was told there was about a 2 1/2 wait. I guess after you and a few others complained they decided to start telling people immediately about the wait. I haven't had to opportunity to shoot in a long while and was really looking forward to...
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