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    1. C

      No ARs in Maryland?

      Stripped lower GTG complete lower NG. Not sure why PSA has that rule but it's been posted on their site for years.
    2. C

      Where to go for Magazines

      Nation's gun show Chantilly VA this weekend is your best bet. Most gun shops just over the border are crazy high on mag prices.
    3. C

      New suppressor

      DA Sierra 5
    4. C

      M&P15-22 Questions

      Mine will run almost anything I've put through it.
    5. C

      M&P15-22 Questions

      perfect, now go to a gun show and get some real mags and have fun. That firearm is truly one of my families favorites, very few range trips happen without that one making it. Great trainer
    6. C

      M&P15-22 Questions

      I think Cindys in Glen Burnie has one in stock. You should be able to find one local and avoid the transfer fees.
    7. C

      Help me spend money on an AR-15 build!

      Have you pulled the trigger with the rifle fully assembled yet? I think it might be more clear when the weapon in fully assembled. you won't get a first click then the break you should come to a clear wall then pull for the actual break.
    8. C

      Help me spend money on an AR-15 build!

      Trigger should feel very light then hit a wall, continue to pull and the final break will happen. pull very slow at first to fell for wall.
    9. C

      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      Had one done at Hanover yesterday in about 45min. So as of yesterday Hanover was still doing engraving.
    10. C

      Reply to question by 'COACH1106' on the classified ad 'Free Lab'

      Let me try to answer all the questions. We have another 3 year old Chocolate Lab so I'm familiar with the young Lab thing. We have a single family home on a basic 1/4 acre ish lot, so a decent size back yard to run. Crate trained for night time and when we leave. He's fully house broken. Given...
    11. C

      For sale Free Lab

      I have a chocolate lab that’s almost a year old and needs a new home. In a perfect world I’d like to find someone with a farm or some land for him to run. Full disclosure he has ADHD we have been giving him meds but my wife and family are done at this point. He needs room to run. Other than the...
    12. C

      Ok here is a new one, must lock the gun case when picking up a new handgun.

      Yes I have heard of this exact scenario. Good news is they didn't try to force her to buy a lock that they so happen to sell there.
    13. C

      I'll Not Hear A Single Word of Disrespect for PSA Again

      Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't the upper ship direct to consumer and the lower be sent to a FFL ??
    14. C

      5.56 ammo for sighting in

    15. C

      I removed the brace so it can’t be re-attached.

      Keep shooting them and let the courts figure it out. 40 million estimated braced pistols in the US, 8 ATF agents assigned to clear E-Form 1's you do the math.
    16. C

      I removed the brace so it can’t be re-attached.

      I don't think that anything outside of a buffer tube and maybe the old school pads are going to be ok. Plus if you're looking to stay pistol why the worry about 29".
    17. C

      I removed the brace so it can’t be re-attached.

      If you're going to go SBR why not just put a full stock on it ?
    18. C

      AR 15 Pistol Suggestions

      Currently no.
    19. C

      2 Hour Classroom w/ 1 Hour range - "Life After the W&C Class"

      Any chance of this becoming a monthly event ?
    20. C

      Motorbike Punks on the B&A Trail

      Sure would be a shame if someone dropped, I don't know a couple cinder blocks on the trail.
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