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    1. Deep Creek Rock

      Lee tumblelube molds and liquid alox

      If you like Alox - purchase the white label lube version (Its not Lee), which is Alox is exactly, but far cheaper. For 15 bucks you get the equivalent of 8 bottles of Alox. Its sold under the name X-lox. The seller sells on Ebay, and has a website here: There is...
    2. Deep Creek Rock

      Carroll County Crew - Hooligan Meetup!

      Its not really tourons to worry about. With the turnout that is listed, its going to be very difficult to accomadate that amount of people at the Savage. Its a small DNR range, and not enough target stands for each station at the moment. There are at least 3 target stands that have been in...
    3. Deep Creek Rock

      Moore's Huntin' and Fishin'

      Never dealt with Jim, but Dean down at Moores, has always treated me well, and has gone out of his way to take care of me. Brian was good to deal with too.
    4. Deep Creek Rock

      Carroll County Crew - Hooligan Meetup!

      Just an FYI, you do know the Savage Range is only 10 shooting lanes, and a fairly small parking area? Im not trying to Mr. Negative, but the Savage does not have the capacity to take on a large amount of shooters and vehicles.
    5. Deep Creek Rock

      Yellow perch time yet?

      Id much rather eat a yellow perch then a white perch, and Ive ate both. You can get some nice boneless skinless fillets from a yellow perch, espeically when its a Deep Creek jumbo....
    6. Deep Creek Rock

      Shooting Near Rocky Gap

      Fort Hill is a private range. Green Ridge is a public DNR range, and is probably closer to Rocky Gap. But you have to shoot rifles through a ghey corrigated plastic tube.
    7. Deep Creek Rock

      Bass Pro Prices

      Ive never found Bass Pro to be the best price on any outdoor gear period. They are WAY overpriced on most things. The only time I shop Bass Pro, is if I end up with gift cards from someone, that dosnt know I dont care for that place.
    8. Deep Creek Rock

      Spent Shell Casing Cost

      Because its not effective, & the MSP knows this. That spent shell case law is just ******** to deter people from buying handguns. Same thing with the HQL. It does NOTHING to make the streets safer, prevent crimes and is just to make the idiotic politicians look good to the ill-informed people...
    9. Deep Creek Rock

      Fellow Hooligan friends......

      The E cigs havent really been proven to be better then cigarettes, if thats what you are using. I would focus on tobacco cessation all together. I am truely thankful that is one habit I never tried or desired to try.
    10. Deep Creek Rock

      Fellow Hooligan friends......

      Good luck in kicking the habit, If it were me I would do anything I possibly could to rid myself of tobacco use for good. Quit while you still can, and let this incident be a wake up call, before its too late. Plus think of all the guns & ammo you can buy with the money you save. I know too...
    11. Deep Creek Rock

      Barrel Conditioner for Muzzleloaders

      I use Bore Butter as a barrel preservative & a bullet lube. It works well! I have a Rem 700 inline that is pushing 15 years old, and the bore is mirror bright still. You need to clean the barrel & dry it before you wipe it and coat it with bore butter - for storage. I also use bore butter, on...
    12. Deep Creek Rock

      WC820 surplus powder

      I use AA9 in my 45Colt +P loads. On the burn chart its close to 2400, but its not flashy like 2400. Is the powder very fine, like black sand?
    13. Deep Creek Rock

      Powder Valley

      If people keep posting powder/ammo/primer avaiblities on a public forum that can be seen the worldwide... none of it will last long. Sometimes posts like this is better off in the Water Cooler.
    14. Deep Creek Rock

      has anyone defended themselves with a knife?

      I worked with a guy that had a knife pulled on him. The guy was in his upper 60s when it happened. He was coming out of a 7-11 early in the morning, when a thug approached him - & pulled knife on him, in an effort to rob him. He turned the tables on him, and beat the tar out of the assailant...
    15. Deep Creek Rock

      New Windham A Salt Rifle

      I put a Windham MPC upper on my AR build, and been very happy with it. Hasnt choked up once, and it shoots pretty good :thumbsup: They do make good ARs.
    16. Deep Creek Rock

      ID Handgun from The AMERICANS

      I dont think its a Glock ... I dont see the water leaking from the fill plug :D
    17. Deep Creek Rock

      22 Long Rifle Brass

      Mulchman, how well do those Corbin Bullet swaging sets work? I looked into those, but the price of the sets were pretty pricey. I have and get plenty of lead to make the cores, & thought about the Corbins to make jacketed bullets for my 22 cal rifles.
    18. Deep Creek Rock

      Solicited to buy handgun ilegaly. Is this a common thing?

      Or maybe someone is phising you out in hopes you break the law, so you get arrested. Do you have to be a member or sign up to use Armslist (like gunbroker has). If so, you may want to report it to the admin of the site.
    19. Deep Creek Rock

      FREE LEAD!!!!!!

      I used my lead melter, an ingot mold, and some flux (wax). If you dont want that lead, I'll take it off your hands :D
    20. Deep Creek Rock

      FREE LEAD!!!!!!

      Only thing probably usable on a battery are the posts. The plates contain lead peroxide, and do the same thing to lead alloy, as Zinc does. Not to mention all the hazards involved.
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