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      Shot a M1 Garand for the first time 11/11/23

      I first carried a Garand as a junior ROTC cadet when I was 16. Never fired it because it had no firing pin, but I did drill with it four days a week, then field stripped it and cleaned it on Friday. I now own two, a Springfield manufactured in June 1941 (renovated by the Civilian Marksmanship...
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      CMP Rack Grade M1

      That rifle has "been there and done that" character. I had a love/hate relationship with the M1 Garand when I was a junior ROTC cadet in high school. I drilled with it on Mondays, carried it in a parade on Wednesdays, and field stripped and cleaned it on Fridays. I now have one from the...
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      Hello from Georgia

      Welcome. Cherokee and Cobb County roots here.
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      Defcon 3 still?

      Don’t know where we are, but 2 is more serious than 3 on the 5 level system, with 1 being the most serious. Also, different parts of our military capabilities can be at different levels at the same time.
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      Decision 2022 - General Election

      It’s Biden who’s hoping to benefit, not Moore. Wes Moore is confident enough in his victory that losing a few thousand votes by taking one for the team won’t hurt him.
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      “Restored” 1925 Government Model. Someone else had the work done and the price was right.
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      What was your first air gun as a kid?

      Mine was a mid-1950s Daisy model 25. It has been called a pump action, but the slide was only used once to depress the spring and cock it.
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      Garden Thread 2022

      We pick them and feed them to our granddaughter’s pet bearded dragon. Beats buying them at 3 for $10.00.
    9. Uzi squirt gun for sale...

      Question by '' on classified ad 'Uzi squirt gun for sale...'

    10. R

      1932 Colt Official Police 38spl

      It’s also much heavier than plastic and rough finished on the reverse. Good signs that it’s real.
    11. R

      1932 Colt Official Police 38spl

      Will do. Probably won’t hear back for several months.
    12. R

      1932 Colt Official Police 38spl

      The fit and the obvious layering have convinced me to send for a Colt letter.
    13. R

      1932 Colt Official Police 38spl

      Thanks. I have had the grips off and the back sides are definitely rough.
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      1932 Colt Official Police 38spl

      When I acquired this revolver I didn’t pay much attention to the grips, which I took to be faux mother of pearl. Now I’m thinking they may be real. How do I go about finding out?
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      Firearms safety - how not to do it

      I had a Rock Island “Baby Rock” .380 for a short time. It was very uncomfortable to shoot.
    16. R

      new to Me 1911

      I have two Tisas 1911s, a full size and a commander. Both came from Zenith Firearms. The full size came from their custom shop and had some after market trigger work. Both have become favorites for the range. I hope you come to like yours as much.
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      To kill or not to kill

      I’m not a hunter, but these guys are living on the edge.
    18. R

      Asking for prayers

      You two are in my prayers.
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      GULAG MD: Dems Last Gasp

      The right has to play the game by the same set of rules the left plays by. Otherwise we are nothing but morally and ethically superior losers. And as we go, so goes the country.
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