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    1. S

      MOCO Anti-Hate Task Force has Spoken! (Get the meme ready)

      Maybe they can play this classic movie clip at their next meeting?
    2. S

      Trijcon Huron vs Leupold VX-Freedom

      To me it's a no brainer in favor of Leupold if they are the same price.
    3. S

      Did MSP contact all of your references

      Confirming what Bob said. Got my permit last year and none of my references were contacted.
    4. S

      Remington 700 Gunsmith Recommendations

      But Doc Ed is maybe a 15 minute drive from the OPs house and as others have said he's great.
    5. S

      Thinking of giving up on concealed carry

      63 years old. Not a drinker. Think I live in a "safe" area but I also think the number of "safe" areas in MD is declining as criminals have figured out there really is no punishment for most crimes anymore. Rarely carry but will certainly renew. If things keep declining and crime continues...
    6. S

      Feedback posted by silver78 on snake-eye

      Excellent person to work with. Great to meet another MDS member
    7. Ryobi 18V Blower in Mont Cnty - SOLD - Pending Pick-up

      For sale Ryobi 18V Blower in Mont Cnty - SOLD - Pending Pick-up

      SOLD PENDING PICKUP ON 11/1 Gents I have a used Ryobi 18 volt cordless blower for sale. You get the blower plus a 4ah battery plus charger. All used in excellent condition. Blower model number is P21081. You can look up all the specs on the Home Depot website. Price is $50 cash FTF only in...
    8. S


      Thanks for the info. I was looking at their FPC which is a similar model. Do you have both in stock?
    9. S

      New Classified Rule Proposal: post area where FTF transaction will take place

      If the seller is not smart enough to tell us where in the state they are located that's on them. Not inclined to add another "rule" but that's me. If I do FTF only I always tell folks my zip code or city in the ad.
    10. S

      Best rifle for home defense in MD

      My next purchase...
    11. S

      Eley Benchrest 22lr - local source?

      From my experience, if you do find a local source in Maryland it will probably be more expensive than the prices on line.
    12. S

      M&P 22 Magnum

      Just on little issue with that 30 round magazine in MD for most of us commoners.
    13. S

      Vintage Arborist Saw

      I don't think it's very sharp but I have not tried to use it. FWIW I think it's more of a collectable item to hang on the wall.
    14. S

      Vintage Arborist Saw

      So this never got picked up. Any takers?
    15. S

      Logitech MM50 iPod Speakers - Free in Montgomery County

      Worked the last time I used it but as you may know the older style connector makes it untestable for me. Free for pick-up in zip code 20882 near Olney MD. Looks like the one here on Ebay except w/o the carrying case.
    16. S

      What is an H Barrel in Maryland?

      Well IMO if the MD GA got questioned about the HBAR exception some left wing democrat would quickly introduce a bill to ban HBARs. To me it's more to our advantage that the GA is uneducated or our gun laws would be even worse. Look how fast the GA moved to screw CC permit holders when Hogan...
    17. S

      05/03 Attempted carjacking and assault outside Bethesda restaurant (Dog Haus)

      As someone who was raised in Wheaton I can't wait for the Purple Line to open up. Finally a direct criminal delivery train from PG county to the wealthy areas of Bethesda and Chevy Chase. For decades these virtue signaling hypocritical liberals dumped their undesirable social projects in my...
    18. S

      Shield EZ

      Have you also considered the Equalizer?
    19. S

      308 bolt gun for Elk

      Not that I am an expert here but when I see folks with experience lean towards cartridges more powerful than 308 it seems like a longer barrel to increase projectile velocity for your 308 may make sense. Wish you the best of luck on your hunt.
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