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    1. edrod68

      Hungarian HD-18 rifle in 7.62x54R

      Its pretty rock solid, and it sits just of center like the standard SVD/PSL scope mount does
    2. edrod68

      Hungarian HD-18 rifle in 7.62x54R

      I spent a lot of time finding the FAB defense mount to put a better scope on my PSL. I ended up putting a 1-10x Primary Arms M10 BDC scope to keep with the DMR theme. Haven't had a chance to try yet, but it might work for you as well as it is an SVD style mount.
    3. edrod68

      Opinions on Swiss K-31s?

      Berdan primed, sorry...
    4. edrod68

      Opinions on Swiss K-31s?

      I have 2 K31s and one K11, all great Shooters and very interesting rifles. And with GP11 being so rare and expensive, I reload for them. Got all three rifles from the classifieds on here. All three were reasonably priced.
    5. edrod68

      Finally tried out my Savage 110 Tactical

      I picked up the Savage 110 Elite Precision in 223 Rem last year (want to do a conversion to 6.5 Grendel at some point and it's a good starting point). Have to say, I was initially turned off by the price, but the MDT chassis is rock solid and has more than sold me on the Savage action...
    6. edrod68

      Steel Target Safety

      This works great, we use that for all our steel out at IWLA
    7. edrod68

      Feedback posted by edrod68 on ScottW

      Great deal, great communication, easy to set up meet for exchange. Please doing business with seller.
    8. edrod68

      Battle of the end of life scopes: Trijicon Credo 4-16x50 vs Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50

      Personally I would go with the Vortex, better magnification range, first focal plane reticle, and more usable reticle. Have a couple of Vortex scopes and they are very good for their price.
    9. edrod68

      Whats the rarest firearm you own?

      Luckily mine came with 3....I think I'll be ok...
    10. edrod68

      Whats the rarest firearm you own?

      Bought a S&W Model 52-1 from a fellow Bullseye shooter last October...pretty sure that's the rarest gun I own currently...
    11. edrod68

      Larue MBT-2S Group Buy

      Thank you for making this possible
    12. edrod68

      Larue MBT-2S Group Buy

      Send me a PM with your preferred method of payment and I'll pay up
    13. edrod68

      Larue MBT-2S Group Buy

      I'm in for at least 1, just let me know when it's time to pay up
    14. edrod68

      CZ Shadow 2 is absolutely amazing

      2A Sales in Jessup...they sell a lot of CZs...
    15. edrod68

      after market stock for a scoped SKS

      I got one of the fiberglass jungle stocks and fitted it to my Chinese 1957...then added a leather cheek great and total cost was <$150
    16. edrod68

      Speer 308 168grain Match Bullets Midway Cheap

      Nice catch...thanks
    17. edrod68

      Who has piston AR platform?

      I have a Ruger SR762 piston AR10 and it has very reliable, accurate and no issues to clean/maintain. I also have an Adam's Arms lightweight AR15 upper I used to use for 3-Gun...very accurate, but the gas regulator setting moved on me a few times before the start of a stage and I had to bolt...
    18. edrod68

      AGC Action Shooting - Winter War 2 Gun - C&R and Modern Guns

      I am so doing this...the first one was a blast
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