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      SHOTGUN PoRn

      That is one purposeful looking beast right there!
    2. I

      KIHS Clay Target Team

      Congrats! Great that this was able to get off the ground. Trap is a fantastic and safe sport for the whole family
    3. I

      Beto shoots himself in head with this attitude

      He clearly does not want to actually get elected!
    4. I

      Primer Notifications

      Good to know, thanks for posting
    5. I

      Any dirt bikers here?

      That's a thread killer of a comment there....
    6. I

      FFL transfer fee gripe

      That seems like a pretty good deal-
    7. I

      Beretta 682

      682s are very reliable and durable guns. Rich Cole (Cole's Gunshop) has done some good videos on the 682/692/694 evolutions. Interesting what he has to say from a gunsmith's point of view. Bottom line is the 682 was designed built a hellava lot better than a 692
    8. I

      Galtling Gun in MD... yes or no?

      Very interesting stuff I gotta say-
    9. I

      MoCo wasting more money - Bridge in Kensington

      Yup, they will. Never underestimate the stupidity of politicians or people in large groups-
    10. I

      2020 Dan Wesson Valor Range Report

      Always liked those guns- thanks for sharing!
    11. I

      First glock build

      Great looking piece!
    12. I

      Thoughts on CZ Drake?

      I'd avoid the CZ and buy a used Beretta or Browning. Much better quality-
    13. I

      Benelli inertia driven- pros and cons

      I have owned a Montefeltro for close to 25 years- very reliable and lightweight. Kicks more than gas but makes for a better hunting gun in my opinion
    14. I

      SHOTGUN PoRn

      Such a great and capable classic
    15. I

      20 Gauge Trap Gun

      11-87 or 1100 gets my vote- cheap and the steel receiver really helps to dampen vibration/recoil
    16. I

      Any dirt bikers here?

      I recently purchased a Husky 501S and am working through all the other stuff to buy- gear, tools, a few accessories etc. Glad to be back in the dirt bike game- looking forward to summer
    17. I

      Any dirt bikers here?

      Great link- just decided to get back into dirt biking despite the challenges of living in MD
    18. I

      In Frederick, Family Meal and Volt gone

      Good to know, will have to check those out
    19. I

      Wait time for DC CCW

      Good to know, thanks for posting-
    20. I

      M1 carbine price

      Neat, fun little guns for sure
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