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    1. miles71

      What's the cheapest way and place in MD to be trained for the CCW?

      Not real cheap to get the nra instructor, you need to take the course you wish to teach, then the BIT (basic instructor training), then the instructor level course for the class you want to teach.
    2. miles71

      What's the cheapest way and place in MD to be trained for the CCW?

      Why are they charging extra fees for states that require no more additional training? TD
    3. miles71

      What's the cheapest way and place in MD to be trained for the CCW?

      I didn’t mean to turn this into a comparison post or to have anyone not an industry partner on the forum to get in trouble for posting course info. I did want to get the point across to do some research and find the best training possible. TD
    4. miles71

      What's the cheapest way and place in MD to be trained for the CCW?

      If you are looking for the cheapest you will find cheap instruction. I feel my course is priced fairly at 275.00 and will put it up against any other course. There is a lot of work done before and after the course students never see. I agree some take advantage of students by charging huge...
    5. miles71

      Thinking about a 10mm pistol. What are your favorites?

      Reads like a list for Santa lol TD
    6. miles71

      Great American Outdoor Show Feb. 3-11, 2024

      I and my crew will be there the last 3 days. I second the milkshakes! Always great to catch up with friends. TD
    7. miles71

      WV Property-Search thread:

      Wish I had 300k laying around. TD
    8. miles71

      Next scheduled class NRA Basic Pistol Feb 3 2024

      Best of luck, I had to cancel my last basic pistol due to lack of interest. Toasty warm does sound nice though lol TD
    9. miles71

      MSI beats Mo Co

      As is being discussed in another thread, if EVERONE who had a permit in Md was a member of MSI think of the legal might that could be brought against such unconstitutional laws. TD
    10. miles71

      Crossbow noob

      Good thread. I’ve shot a bow since I was a boy, it was great time I spent with my father. As I’ve gotten older I’ve developed issues with my back and shoulder, which makes drawing a bow tough and painful. My son got his first deer during the youth hunt weekend, we are hooked!! I’m thinking...
    11. miles71

      Shooting at the Range (Rant)

      I use something similar in my classes, but those are expensive. TD
    12. miles71

      2024 Dates for training

      Hello to everyone and I hope the holiday season finds you healthy and doing well. I feel thankful and fortunate to have meant many of you, and had the privilege of teaching you, in my firearms courses. It is time to start looking at the 2024 year and training dates. The 4th Circuit Court has...
    13. miles71

      Shooting at the Range (Rant)

      Over the years I have seen some seriously bad shooting, usually caused by bad habits or bad initial training. At 5 yards I would agree that target is below par and the shooter is in need of some basic training. TD
    14. miles71

      .22LR semi-auto which brand ?

      S&W Victory. Mine has never failed. TD
    15. miles71

      Are You A Member Of MSI?

      The membership of MDShooters should be equal to or less than the membership of MSI. TD
    16. miles71

      Victory in MSI HQL suit

      Again, 140,000 or so permit holders in Md and only 3,000 MSI members, we need to do better. Think of the legal might we could bring to bear if all 140,000 permit holders joined. Not all gun owners, just permit holders. 140,000 times the minimum 25.00 membership!!! How about at least...
    17. miles71

      Deer Firearms '23 - What's your Gun of Choice

      My son got his first deer this year with a 350 legend. After butchering the deer and seeing the damage I am very impressed with the 350 legend round. TD
    18. miles71

      Victory in MSI HQL suit

      Just think know much legal might MSI would have if even just every permit holder joined……… TD
    19. miles71

      Fun Steel match at Delta PA Every Month

      Even though I performed poorly it was still a good time at the steel plate match today. Good to see some experienced and new people taking part. Get out there people and have some fun. Once you hear the “ping” you can’t get enough. TD
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