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    1. RRomig

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      It’s a longer story than I want to type but a couple years ago I arrowed a buck in October that ended my season. The mental side of hunting is more important than the physical. So if your mind ain’t right it’s best to stay out of the woods. That said sometimes it takes a tree stand to get my...
    2. RRomig

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      I think that’s enough gun
    3. RRomig

      Best value in a Mossberg 500 18.5 hi-cap ?

      I need to move some stuff out. I’m in a mood to deal. Very very little use and have box
    4. RRomig

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      Congrats I need to get sika on my must hunt list
    5. RRomig

      Making rifle into SBR questions

      I agree. Buying a different gun that’s already what you need for not that much over machining the existing rifle seems like a win. But if OP absolutely wants to put a can on his Henry that’s his prerogative. Ether way he’s going to have a great little varmint slayer.
    6. RRomig

      8.6BLK, 8.6Blackout, 8.6 Blackout, 8.6x43

      I was also looking at getting into the 6.8. It would be for night hunting varmints and hogs. The energy is great but the rainbow ballistics is a deal breaker. Because zero to three hundred yrds or more is on the table for that game I’ll stay supersonic with the 6.5 and use my 300 blk when I’m...
    7. RRomig

      Please convince me on Just These 4 choices for Home defense

      There’s a lot of things about a firearm you may not notice in a fight for your life. Trigger, weight or even moa. There are some things though that will help give you an edge. If you can afford it use a suppressor on your house gun. One shot and done an open muzzle AR in the house won’t be the...
    8. RRomig

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      I haven’t kept up so Congrats to all that hit their mark and a tip of the hat and good luck to those getting out there and battling it out. I just got up in the stand with no expectations other than to enjoy my time in the woods.
    9. RRomig

      Please convince me on Just These 4 choices for Home defense

      I was specifically referring to the lever the OP was listing. Also I’m only referring to the pistol caliber variants. As for 22 pumps I’ve never even seen one.
    10. RRomig

      Please convince me on Just These 4 choices for Home defense

      This is the way. Ive seen many Rossi’s shyt the bed. No experience with kel tec. AKs are great but I think the AR fits you better. GL
    11. RRomig

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

    12. RRomig

      More Noob Hunter Questions

      Great info above. I’ll add you should put some orange on the outside of your blind. Good luck!
    13. RRomig

      Need 9MM Ammo Recommendations for Suppressed Shooting

      Dumb question but I’ve had this issue cause I’m an idiot and forgot to ream out my muzzle device. Are you sure your muzzle device is not causing the issue.
    14. RRomig

      Suppressor recommendation for 223rem bolt action rifle?

      I’ll second YHM. They get more work done out of a small can than anyone else. Also price point is very good.
    15. RRomig

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      Congrats I’ve gotten a couple deer with bad shot scars and even a broadhead buried in a non vital spot.
    16. RRomig

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

    17. RRomig

      Are You A Member Of MSI?

      While I believe the majority of people by a large margin are good that unfortunately does not cross over to the percentage of people willing to carry weight. Ask any teacher, coach, fund raiser etc. It’s always the same small group that actually help while the rest sit back and do nothing.
    18. RRomig

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      Got a short sit in this afternoon. 7 does kept me company and my neighbor was shooting like he was under siege.
    19. RRomig

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      Thanks Wow that’s an interesting rack
    20. RRomig

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      Congrats Nothing like a twofer
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