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    1. D

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      Everyday on the north side of grass is a blessing. My brother and I joke about rolling craps in genetics with all of the issues we have, but we'll take it. Takes us longer to hike into our stands and way longer to hike back out. But we can still do it. Unfortunately we haven't seen anything...
    2. D

      Victory in MSI HQL suit

      Don't forget the other news paper that used to exist in MD , "News American". Was too moderate or conservative for MD and folded giving The Sun a monopoly on misinformation.
    3. D

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      Northern Baltimore county, heard one shot around 7, just a fox, birds and tree rats so far, good luck everyone.
    4. D

      Daughter wants to hunt!

      350l using Winchester 150gr deer season hammers the deer without much recoil. A buddy took his young daughter out and using Ruger American go wild (with muzzle brake) ...her first time shooting any gun...tagged a nice 7pt. Deer made it all of 28 yards.
    5. D

      Senator Warren wants to license ammo buyers & sellers

      Tar, feathers, Congress,.... Some assembly required
    6. D

      VP Harris - white house initiative issue

      Here's my issue with her goal. "Shall not be infringed". Pretty fn clear. Why is the 1st, 4th, 5th amendment free from persecution and has same protection across state lines but the 2nd is the redheaded stepchild?!?!
    7. D

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      Thanks. I usually do the same too.and when I did that, nothing came out the touch hole (which I had tweaked for better ignition). When nothing came out (use 2f for main charge) I knew I screwed myself with bore butter at end of last season (when I had yet another miss,on a deer). So much to...
    8. D

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      Lyman .54 great plains
    9. D

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

    10. D

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      Thanks, amazing that monkey left me alone while At the range... No misfires, fast ignition...
    11. D

      Bambi Whacking 2023-2024

      Over the years thru dumbass user and dumb luck, missed a few with the flintlock. Slow ignition, not following thru, etc... Yesterday the monkey on my back held on for dear life but after 3 flashed Pans (thinking touch hole partially blocked with bore butter since powder from main charge didn't...
    12. D

      Recommendations: Over/Under for Trap and Skeet Under $5K

      It's definitely not Baltimore or Hartford county but well worth the drive. Went there yesterday with my brother to get him fitted for a lefty shotty. Incredible selection of shotguns and awesome staff.
    13. D

      Imagine an HOA so pathetic, the members want to violate rights inside private homes (no guns)

      And are there any laws ANYWHERE that prohibit a dog from carrying?!?!
    14. D

      Imagine an HOA so pathetic, the members want to violate rights inside private homes (no guns)

      At the last house, the HOA was selective nazi-ism. Hoa president hated me and one neighbor and we got the letters from the management company. During duck season I may or may not have left the boat in the driveway more than a day.. especially when I would be using again in a few days. It was a...
    15. D

      Took my 10/22 for a range day.

      Very cool looking pew pew. What ammo?
    16. D

      NY banning all on line ammo sales in the state

      But yet, NYC has drug paraphernalia and testing vending machines that are free to access. Giving away crack pipes for
    17. D

      ATF: Pot Users Can't Legally OWN Firearms Regardless Of State Laws

      The irony...the agency that acts unlawful all the time is telling people what is unlawful.
    18. D

      Activist David Hogg: Americans ‘Have No Right to a Gun’

      If David hogg meets his demise, may it be by gagging on a giant alien d1ldo
    19. D

      SB1 (2023) - Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)

      Legislatures that willfully violate COTUS should be tar and feathered....(insert full stop, period, dancing banana or whatever). unwillingly violate COTUS, fined, censured and charged with misdemeanor first offense with jail time, 2nd offense charged with felony, fined and removed from office...
    20. D

      First Time Shooting a Flintlock

      Flinters are a whole lotta fun... With quality flints. For anyone who doesn't know, forget the milled trapezoid shaped flints (traditions/TC). Those are good for a few shots then have to replace (in my experience from many years ago). I switched to quality hand napped flints and the last...
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