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    1. slsc98

      I need a flashlight

      One bright *ss light …. $99 (= 43% off?) My purchases are up to five of these as I also gift them to family members … Includes two Rechargeable USB batteries, micro-USB to USB cable, and wrsit lanyard
    2. slsc98

      Trijcon Huron vs Leupold VX-Freedom

      I own a half dozen Trijicons and intend to keep them HOWEVER I will always choose Leupold over Trijicon simply based on Leupolds much more (stellar) customer service / warranty issues handling. No brainer for me, at least …
    3. slsc98

      RIA VR80 Appreciation Thread

      ETA: my intention is to simply cut the “Feinstein” piece of plastic off at yellow lines and file, sand, smooth, finish the edges left post-cut …
    4. slsc98

      RIA VR80 Appreciation Thread

      Q - hasn’t anyone simply cut the angled plastic extension that forms the silly azz thumb, err, “Feinstein“-hole? Thats my intention, rather than switching the OEM buffer tube out for a milspec just to put a normal butt stock on it … Thread resurrect to share I found these RIA VR-80’s in black...
    5. slsc98

      GOSAFE Act - Bans All Semi's and 10+ Mags - aka the GFY Act

      “GOSAFE” hahaha … Obviously, LARGE quantities of only THE HIGHEST grade cocaine are being consumed by Congress critters pulling all-nighters coming up with acronyms, such as this. Why, let’s be honest - THE ACRONYMS MEAN MORE to these pos than any text within the actual legislation!
    6. slsc98

      Private charter jet airport STM County?

      Thanks y’all! Got the info we need! Just got off the phone with K. Reed there with whom I used to break clays - WHAT A SMALL WORLD!!!!!!
    7. slsc98

      Private charter jet airport STM County?

      Got the info we needed - LOTS of exciting growth occurring at 2W6 I never dreamt of!!!!
    8. slsc98

      New 10mm subgun

      That’s a $ubgun
    9. slsc98

      American Health & Safety Institute ?

      American Safety and Health Institute
    10. slsc98


      Not a 380 but, Max 9’s on clearance at PSA: Still in stock and still on clearance, $299 @: Optics ready version:
    11. slsc98

      Just passed 3100 round in Diamondback DB9 Gen 4

      Very interesting … and affordable! $232 here; These folks are great to do business with and no credit card fees and NO taxes...
    12. slsc98

      Preview of my upcoming book on Finnish Mosin-Nagant rifles and other Finnish weaponry

      Outstanding! Thank you for your time, hard work and such a magnificent contribution! And, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    13. slsc98

      No ARs in Maryland?

      Not for criminals it ain’t. Nope. Not one bit. Start PLANNING NOW to GTFO as soon as you are able …!
    14. slsc98

      EOTech EXPS2-2 $494 Optics Planet

      Same here. I ignored all the warnings and horror stories and now I am one …
    15. slsc98

      Flying in at Reagan with checked long gun

      Hope this helps although, down there word-of-mouth’d be my first route:
    16. slsc98

      Chinatown and Shaw community members decry surging crime

      Sad truth and as pointed out in another thread by a member adminer in the MD Corrections system, for all intensive purposes they already have removed any real or meaningful penalty. I‘m guessing most aren’t aware “a day” in jail doesn’t = 24 hours. Not the DC system (I imagine it’s worse...
    17. slsc98

      75% off T/C BP Access Kit

      Thompson Center Ramrod Black Powder Accessory Kit 50 Caliber $3.66 before ship or tax while supplies last:
    18. slsc98

      Best Optic for a Ruger LC carbine

      Holosun HS510C $221.92 Don’t blink on this one! Well d*mn, either they’re limiting purchases to one (1) or I got the last one. (Oi vey, I just bought 3 or 4 of these and paid well north of $300 each … some...
    19. slsc98

      Watch for a shooting enthusiast...suggestions?

      “You’ll Blow Your Lungs Out!” LOL, I’m going to an annual 50-yard rimfire rifle match shoot tomorrow morning where the targets are, SINGLE CANDY CORN kernels! If there is a wrist watch that’ll help give me an advantage shooting candy corn kernels at 50 yards I need one!
    20. slsc98

      Does anyone know about receipt of selling gun ?

      Reminds me there are two categories of people in the world: Those who’ve come to realize “gun control” is only intended to make the law-abiding ”worry”; and, Everyone who has yet not …
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