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    1. Qbeam

      My SilencerCo Sparrow and Savage Mk II

      Got the same results with a 10/22. BB gun quiet. More or less firing pin click, and thump on the wood/target. The CCI Mini-Mag will give you the sonic crack, but other than that, still quiet. Q
    2. Qbeam

      Rifle question need answered please.

      Bolts are technically more accurate than semi-autos, but in reality it depends on who made them. A bolt action rifle may be better than a semi-auto, but it depends on what you plan on using it for. Manufacturing has come a long way from the late 1900s, so depending on what you are looking for...
    3. Qbeam

      AR-15 build question: gas tube not going into upper:

      Any photos? Q
    4. Qbeam

      CMP Rack Grade M1

      Very nice rifle with "character". Sometimes the dings and dents are more appealing. Q
    5. Qbeam

      Breath Control for rifle precision shooting

      I was having a conversation with another rifle shooter about breath control, and the "respiratory pause" moment came up. They used the empty lung (bottom of the breathing cycle) technique, whereas I use the half-breath lung method (full breath in, pause at about halfway). NRA basic rifle...
    6. Qbeam

      Today in Taneytown

      Probably staged for the MGA for next year's bills. "See, they can't be trusted in stores, we need more restrictions...." Q
    7. Qbeam

      Morakniv Companion

      Got one and it's been solid. No frills, just solid. Not worried if it gets lost or damaged, inexpensive to replace. Q
    8. Qbeam

      Thermal and preparedness.

      Well, here are some inital photos taken by the Rattler. I am learning the focus and magnification aspect of the optic. Will post additional photos as I get used to it. This is the White Hot Mode and the "Fusion" Mode. There is a Black Hot Mode, and Red Hot Mode (which is basically White Hot...
    9. Qbeam

      Thermal and preparedness.

      That's why you should be careful of who you tell what you have. I've had the "how many _________ do you have?" I usually say something to play stupid, and make sure they don't know where I live. Q
    10. Qbeam

      Thermal and preparedness.

      If had the funds, I would be there for the comparison. Would make for an uber fun YouTube video. Q
    11. Qbeam

      Thermal and preparedness.

      I won it in a giveaway sweepstakes. Q
    12. Qbeam

      Thermal and preparedness.

      Thanks, just got a AGM TC35-384 and they mentioned the glass thing and was wondering if the higher end thermals could compensate because of the better resolution. Q
    13. Qbeam

      Thermal and preparedness.

      Is it true that thermal cannot "see" behind glass? Or is it just most lower end thermal? Q
    14. Qbeam

      Why are teenagers stealing guns to commit armed robbery and murder?

      Atlanta is the Baltimore of Georgia. Some nice areas, but a lot of "we don't go there"... Q
    15. Qbeam

      RIP my friend

      Thanks, I found a member with the screen name "Unknown". RIP. Q
    16. Qbeam

      RIP my friend

      My condolences on your loss, were they a member here? Maybe a screen name? Q
    17. Qbeam

      Scope recommendations for Mini 14

      A lot of 1-4s and 1-6s out there. Vortex Strike Eagle is decent. I've shot out at 200 and have not had issuse on an AR, Mini-14 may be an issue with the ejection pattern, but the Picatinny rail may help keep the scope from getting hit. Q
    18. Qbeam

      Geissele Memorial Day sale

      The SD-E from Geisslie is good for the price, but a different animal from the LaRue MBT. The SD-E is more for precision shooting for me. They go on sale once in a while, so that's the time to buy. It all depends on what you need from the trigger. Q
    19. Qbeam

      AR bullpup conversion.

      In essence, collapse the stock, and put a fire control group in front of the magwell. Interesting concept, the buffer tube is the limiting factor for standard ARs. If it works for the newer buffer-tubeless ARs, it would be even shorter. Colt evidently came out with a conversion to...
    20. Qbeam

      DC's Muriel Bowser says she's the proud mayor of 'the gayest city in the world'

      Is it a quality or quantity rating....... Q
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