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    1. jlowe23

      Black Friday Sale (Well Almost)

      Sorry no ammo this go around. Just as an FYI I do have a good bit of 5.56 inbound.
    2. jlowe23

      Black Friday Sale (Well Almost)

      Since we are going to be closed this coming Friday (the 24th) we will be having a sale on "Small Business Saturday" which is the day after Black Friday. Check out these sweet deals! *Supplies are limited.
    3. jlowe23

      Easy to rack 9mm carry pistol

      I see you mentioned Walther but did you try out their CCP model? I sell a lot of those models to people with trouble manipulating the slide. I think it is actually easier than the S&W Shield EZ.
    4. jlowe23

      Stainless Glock 17

      Check this guy out. Only $569
    5. jlowe23

      Need Something With a Little More Thump?

      Only $819
    6. jlowe23

      Smith & Wesson 10mm M&P 2.0 PERFORMANCE CENTER Model 13915

      Smith & Wesson 10mm M&P 2.0 PERFORMANCE CENTER Model 13915 only $699. PLUS get a free box of 10mm ammo.
    7. jlowe23

      Used AR pistol 300 BLK - SOLD

      I picked this guy up recently. Looking for a good home. Cost is $1599 SOLD
    8. jlowe23

      Tisas Raider available in the state?

      Everything I see points to it not being on the roster at this time.
    9. jlowe23

      Some Used Guns in Stock

      1) HK P2000SK = $689 2) FN 5.7 IOI = $749 3) RG 22lr revolver = SOLD 4) S&W Shield EZ = $399 5) Taurus PT99 AFS = SOLD 6) Glock 27 = $299 7) S&W SW40C police marked = SOLD
    10. jlowe23

      Omega locks requirement for new handgun purchases

      See attached list of approved locks. Basically MSP decided that cable locks and trigger locks will also suffice stating: "The Maryland Handgun Roster Board has found that the following devices, when installed in an approved handgun, satisfies Maryland Law, Public Safety §5-132(c)(2). Due to...
    11. jlowe23

      $439 AR-15- Final Shipment??

      We are open Wednesday thru Saturday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. Thanks
    12. jlowe23

      $439 AR-15- Final Shipment??

      Yes there are a couple left at this time.
    13. jlowe23

      $439 AR-15- Final Shipment??

      I just received what I believe will be my final shipment of the $439 Del-Ton AR-15's. Come in and pick up one of these deals!
    14. jlowe23

      Sweet Training Deal by Tactical Shepherd! BOGO!

      On August 12th and 13th my partners at Tactical Shepherd are having a buy one get one free deal for their highly rated HQL class. If you or anyone you know has been thinking about getting an HQL then this offer is for you.
    15. jlowe23

      MIDWAY USA will NOT ship some handguns to Maryland

      I have several of the Sig Roses in stock if you are interested. Just let me know.
    16. jlowe23

      $439 AR's (BACK) In Stock Now!

      Just got in a fresh shipment of 15 more of these.
    17. jlowe23

      $439 AR's (BACK) In Stock Now!

      I was able to score a nice deal on these and so I brought a bunch in and I am now passing that savings along. I have been selling this exact same rifle for many years and I have seen the price fluctuate from $900 (COVID price) to what they are now. Just last week this rifle was $569 and that was...
    18. jlowe23

      Denied Transfer for AK 7.62 Pistol by MSP

      Something is not right here. The WBP Mini Jack is on the handgun roster with N/A listed in the model number field. This means all models are approved. Hopefully MD Elite will go to bat for you on this. If not PM me and I will see what I can do.
    19. jlowe23

      Denied Transfer for AK 7.62 Pistol by MSP

      I feel like we are missing some information. If the weapon is and was submitted as a WBP Mini Jack on a MSP 77r form I do not see a reason for it to be denied. Did they tell you the reason for the denial other then it is banned?
    20. jlowe23

      $439 AR's (BACK) In Stock Now!

      Yes...I have a fresh shipment due in later this week.
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