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    1. MigraineMan

      MD AG submits Amicus on Magazine Limits

      Interestingly, the Second Amendment isn't restricted to the core right to self-defense. Pound sand, Ant'ny.
    2. MigraineMan

      PA Hospital Carry

      >> Hospital Carry When six-o'clock-carry goes wrong.
    3. MigraineMan

      DC road closures ahead of Pro-Palestine weekend protests 11/04/2023

      [emphasis added] No Free Speech for you!
    4. MigraineMan

      Garden Thread 2023

      Harvested the potatoeoes this afternoon. Pretty decent haul, considering that we put little effort into them this year. "Yay! We have enough food to survive until next month." The Wife found this interesting insect larvae while potatoeing. Cicada, maybe? Momma Chicken gave it a crunch...
    5. MigraineMan

      Garden Thread 2023

      Yeah, not this year. The Wife wanted to run indeterminate tomatoes, so we built a trellis structure. The cross bar at the top is 7 feet above ground; the round green vertical poles go 8 feet up. The plants went up and over, flopping onto the cross bar on the next row. They were yuge. This...
    6. MigraineMan

      Garden Thread 2023

      Had some reluctant to pickle green tomatoes using the standard water-bath method. All of my previous tomato experience has been either "fridge" or "pressure canning." This U of Wisconsin Ag Extension document was insightful re: acidity in tomatoes. Exec Summary: Green (unripe) tomatoes are...
    7. MigraineMan

      Garden Thread 2023

      Pulled the last of the crop ahead of tomorrow's freeze. Anybody know what to do with 15lbs of green tomatoes?
    8. MigraineMan

      MCPS Clown Show Repository

      Reminds me of not-so-long-ago "separate but equal" policies.
    9. MigraineMan

      Frederick Sheriff and Dealer in Hot Water

      Urbana - now with stabbings!
    10. MigraineMan

      Urbana - Stabbin' at the RoFo

      A little more detail from the Frederick News Post: So, one male stab-ee, one male on the run (presumably the stab-er,) and one female in custody. Connecting the dots, it's either Anthropogenic Climate Change, or Trump. Was going to make a snarky comment about Israel/Gaza being root cause...
    11. MigraineMan

      Urbana - Stabbin' at the RoFo

      Jr and I were driving home last night as the PoPo were arriving. Saw two FredCo Sheriff vehicles - both snubbed lights and sirens as they approached. Fortunately, we were able to transit and exit the area without incident (we were on Worthington southbound, turning left onto 80E,) but it was...
    12. MigraineMan

      Urbana - Stabbin' at the RoFo

      Well, that's nice ... at the intersection of 355 and 80, diagonal from Urbana High School.
    13. MigraineMan

      Cali assault weapon ban ruled unconstitutional

      Would like to think that she's balled-up in a corner somewhere with that dour look on her face ... smoldering.
    14. MigraineMan

      Can anyone take my guns to a FFL and sell them

      Funny, don't recall The Wife being on the paperwork for the one pistola* I purchased, and she certainly wasn't background checked as part of the purchase process. And if there was joint-ownership, there wouldn't be any questions about spousal inheritance upon the other's passing, right? (Lord...
    15. MigraineMan

      Trump visits a gun store in SC

      Careful now. With words like those, you might be mistaken for a Demanding Mom.
    16. MigraineMan

      Trump visits a gun store in SC

      So, you're starting with the foregone conclusion that Occam's "argument" is invalid, but you're going to take the moral high-road and "allow" for a discussion of the obviously flawed position? How noble of you. Occam: "Constitution. Article 2. Read it." Not much "argument" there. More of a...
    17. MigraineMan

      Trump visits a gun store in SC

      POTUS is *the* Original Classification Authority - OCA. ALL other classification authority is derivative from his (which is derived from his Constitutional mandate.) In EO 12958 (amended by EO 13292) the President delegates OCA authority to: a) himself (redundantly) B) the Veep 3) Certain...
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