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    1. Bikebreath

      Cool New Time Travel Feature

      Time is already moving too fast. Not in.
    2. Bikebreath

      I Have Gone to The Blue Side

      You'd be a lot cooler if you didn't use it in the car.
    3. Bikebreath

      Attempted Carjacking Victim Defends Himself with Handgun - Video from Takoma Park

      Good for the Good Guy. He was doing his duty to himself with situational awareness! Excellent job!
    4. Bikebreath

      My Last Remote Alaska Hunt

      It must be so nice out in that wide open desolate spot. Great story and adventure. Thanks.
    5. Bikebreath

      hi all

      Hello and welcome.
    6. Bikebreath

      Gun safe

      Yes, he will add a few guns in the future, but also important papers, binoculars, camera, jewelry, and on and on. Go bigger.
    7. Bikebreath


      Reference to his monthly cycle?
    8. Bikebreath

      1st time semi auto owner

    9. Bikebreath

      Pelosi running again!???

      :lol: Oy…
    10. Bikebreath

      Stop The Bleed Class 3/11/2023

      I’m hoping to get in the one at UM in Baltimore on 10/17.
    11. Bikebreath

      Hello from DC

      There's so much here to learn. Welcome.
    12. Bikebreath

      Cheap knife has all my boxes checked

      That's exactly the approach I'm taking. This knife only has one job. I have a Leatherman multi tool with a saw and a blade I carry with me. I'm covered in the "fix it dept". The little dagger came today. The blade had "China" and Stainless Steel printed on the blade. I'm not used to daggers...
    13. Bikebreath

      Cheap knife has all my boxes checked

      They call those displays, POP's, which stands for Point Of Purchase and they are put there for the trap they are. I have a feeling those knives you mention are of the same "finer" quality as I have being delivered later today.
    14. Bikebreath

      Cheap knife has all my boxes checked

      Very nicely done, Mr. JollyPedro! I've been looking that site over and there are now tons of possible choices. Thanks for that link! My searchers have turned up nothing but crap. Search engines ain't what they used to be.
    15. Bikebreath

      Tic Tac (projectile) Pistols on Etsy

      Gawd! The level of pussydom is monumental!
    16. Bikebreath

      Cheap knife has all my boxes checked

      I really like the full size "SOCP Dagger", but they are out of stock. Let me see what happens with a search. Thanks!
    17. Bikebreath

      Cheap knife has all my boxes checked

      I not only looked at all the pictures, but the last one is a video, and it shows someone holding it. I’ve been blessed with a little, boy hands, so I think it’ll be fine for me.
    18. Bikebreath

      Cheap knife has all my boxes checked

      As I was writing the title I stopped myself from asking for advice. Instead I'm going to just buy this cheap Chinese knife and then report back here. It's a dagger, edged on both sides like I want. I'll wear it when I ride my bike and I want an edge on the leading side of the "draw", no matter...
    19. Bikebreath

      Attempted carjacking gone wrong in MoCo

      Surely it will be headlined in the next Washington Post.
    20. Bikebreath


      From what I gather, yes you can. I do and I don't have to be concerned about length of blade. Someone will come along and stomp on my pee-pee if I'm wrong. IANAL
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