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    1. Traveler

      Pistol powders

      HP-38, WST, WSF
    2. Traveler

      Upgrading Home Network - Need Advice

      Another opinion, that uses more words than I did:
    3. Traveler

      Upgrading Home Network - Need Advice

      The security posture of a company is set at the management level. It does not appear that they take it seriously. I could post more links, but the cheap gear is all like this. I encourage everyone to do their own web searches. Good, cheap, fast, pick any two.
    4. Traveler

      Upgrading Home Network - Need Advice

      Personally, I would not trust Ubiquiti gear.
    5. Traveler

      Upgrading Home Network - Need Advice

      There is nothing overkill about PFsense. If you have the technical ability, it is on par with commercial gear, without the cost. It is far more flexible and secure than the stuff you get at Best Buy. I started running it when I got tired of maintaining OpenBSD, and a PF firewall manually. That...
    6. Traveler

      How to sell firearms

      Are there any whacky new Maryland laws saying you can't sell a firearm, at an FFL, with a box of ammo to sweeten the deal?
    7. Traveler

      My Dillon 550 died tonight

      I am pretty sure that was an overshare .....
    8. Traveler

      Decapping Live Primers

      I just go the safe route, and fire the primer in a firearm. Then, and only then, I deprime it. It's not worth the eye injury to cut corners.
    9. Traveler

      gas cans and stabilizer

      This ... Startron is far superior. All my small engines start on no more than three pulls now.
    10. Traveler

      Don't Trust Your Freezer

      I love the legitimate jerky. It's supposed to take some effort to tear off and chew. Back in the old west, I believe they would re-hydrate it in stews.
    11. Traveler

      Amateur Radio FAQ

      Sorry, duped
    12. Traveler

      Amateur Radio FAQ

      The AARC club has been masking up and offering testing the last few months in Davidsonville MD. The last I heard, a few places are offering online: Other possibilities: Anchorage, W5YI, GLAARG, and ARRL
    13. Traveler

      Buying a dillon

      I lost the rest in a tragic boating accident.
    14. Traveler

      Buying a dillon

      If you have to run, you didn't make enough ammo. Planning is key. :lol:
    15. Traveler

      Buying a dillon

      Yeah, and no "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, the store is out of ammunition!!!!"
    16. Traveler

      Buying a dillon

      Bob at is great. He taught me a lot. LED goose neck lamps are inexpensive, and helpful.
    17. Traveler

      Buying a dillon

      Yup, no music, no tv, no drinking, no conversations. Complete concentration. Oddly enough, when you are in the rhythm, it is quite relaxing and therapeutic. The saving money is a mixed thing. If you do your work properly, you are making match grade ammo, not Winchester white box. That said, you...
    18. Traveler

      Dillon Precision and Customer Service?

      Agreed. I hate the price, but the gear is top notch. I wish everything I bought was as good for the money.
    19. Traveler

      Son's first knife

      Good to see a young person learning to make things for themselves. Kudos
    20. Traveler

      Dillon Precision and Customer Service?

      Dillon support is fantastic. Maybe you need to bump it up a level. Something sounds off there.
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