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      Deer Firearms '23 - What's your Gun of Choice

      Cooper Model 52 in 6.5-284 Browning A Bolt 300 WSM A bolt will likely get the most field time
    2. S

      Getting them Ready/Deer Rifles

      Primary hunting rifle is a Browning A-Bolt 300 WSM with a Leupold VX5HD zeroed at 100 yards with handloads. I hope to get the model 94 out this year and take one with irons.
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      Recommendations: Over/Under for Trap and Skeet Under $5K

      Beretta 686 Onyx Pro
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      Government Brass for sale.

      The government is auctioning off 18,530 pounds of brass.
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      Is it worth the cash to buy big

      I do all of my reloading on a single stage. I have no experience with progressive.
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      Is it worth the cash to buy big

      Why do you feel you need to crank out 100 hunting rounds an hour? it is my opinion you have unrealistic expectations. With my reloading, hunting rounds only, I spend a lot of time on load development: Various charge weights, different bullets and bullet weights to maximize accuracy. I’m looking...
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      cleaning products

      I’m of similar opinion. Hoppes copper solvent for bores and G96 for everywhere else.
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      Brass trade thread.

      Looking for 338 win mag brass Have: 308 30-06 6.5-284 300 Win Mag 300 WSM 223 30-30 243 9mm 45 ACP
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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Accepted 8/17 NICS 10/6 Approved 10/17 Permit HGP22-0747XX
    10. S

      Bambi Whacking 2022-2023

      Good luck!
    11. S

      Firearms in the Shop

      Really glad to see all of these posts. Keep them coming.
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      350 legend upper recommendation

      But what if you see a deer wearing a Kevlar vest? I’d bet you want an AR platform then.
    13. S

      Introducing Myself - A brand new hunter

      There are so many options for a hunting rifle and caliber less options for finding private land to hunt on. While I appreciate the sentiments of others about “overkill” on whitetail, I don’t fall into that line of thinking. If you want a versatile rifle I’d recommend 270 Win, 308, or 30.06...
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      350 legend upper recommendation

      No recommendations but the only MD restriction would be a 16” barrel unless it’s a pistol. I put together an Aero upper with a faxon barrel thats going to be shot this weekend.
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      Larue MBT-2S Group Buy

      I’m in for 1 as well, assuming you have an electronic way to receive the money!
    16. S

      5.56 Complete Upper Options for HBAR

      John, I’m interested too. That’s a nice looking piece!
    17. S

      Game/Deer Rifles and Cartridges

      Agreed, that’s why I want to buy a whole bunch of them and then worry about which one I want to choose on any given day. I have a 300 WM, 300 WSM, 308, 30.06, 6.5-284, 30-30. And a Sako in 270 is on the short list.
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      Game/Deer Rifles and Cartridges

      I recently bought a Cooper Excalibur in 6.5-284 and topped it with a Swarovski Z5 to be my primary deer rifle. This year I’m still hunting with my Stainless ABolt in 300 wsm. I’m relatively new to hunting, 3 years, and have killed 5 deer with 4 different guns. What I’ve found is that deer...
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      Who the heck has 209 primers?

      How long have they been hard to find? I have plenty for myself but feel like I passed over a bunch of them about 2 months ago.
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      What optic for 7mm

      You’ll still be able to load the gun if you cover the bolt with a scope. Unless your fingers are the size of a hotdogs.
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