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    1. rabidravens

      Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Tactical

      Looking for a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Tactical. I was wondering if anyone has seen one in their travels or might have one they are looking to part with. Thanks.
    2. rabidravens

      WTB Sig P320

      Looking to see if anyone has a Sig P320 compact or X-Compact they are looking to get rid of. Thanks Dan
    3. rabidravens

      Primary Arms Geissele sale

      Primary Arms has 25% off on all Geissele products until Monday.
    4. rabidravens

      Need advice on red dot for AR.

      I am trying to pick out a red dot for my recent build. I would like to keep it under $250. I will manly use it for plinking but do intend to take some carbine classes later this year. I was looking at the Vortex SPARC II and the Primary Arms Advanced micro dot. Any opinions or thoughts would be...
    5. rabidravens

      Glock Stippling

      I was just curious if any of the IP's here or another shop around does stippling work. I have a Glock that I would like the finger-grooves removed and the grip textured.
    6. rabidravens

      First AR build tomorrow.

      I will be doing my first build tomorrow. I was just curious what advice or tips anyone had for a first timer. Thanks in advance.
    7. rabidravens

      Anderson lower questions.

      I am considering purchasing an Anderson lower from one of the various IP that is offering them. Does anyone have any experience with their lowers? I have never heard of them until recently.
    8. rabidravens

      Gideon Gun Sales

      I was just wondering if anyone knows if Gideon Gun Sales is still open in Bel Air?
    9. rabidravens

      Hi-Point Carbine

      Stopped by On-Target today and they have 9mm Hi Point carbine Rifles. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with them. They are dirt cheap and look like alot of fun to shoot.
    10. rabidravens

      WTB: Remington 870 or Mossberg 590

      I am looking for a Remington 870 with an 18 inch barrel or a Mossberg that is similarly equipped for HD purposes. Thanks in advance.
    11. rabidravens

      Mosin Nagant where to buy

      I just received my CR permit and would like to purchase a Mosin. I would like some input on where to buy. There are alot of websites out there and I am uncertain which would be the best. Thanks in advance for the help.
    12. rabidravens

      Need some SKS work done.

      Does anybody know of anyone who does work on SKS's in Baltimore County or the surrounding area. I would like to have the B-square scope mount that came on the rifle removed and a new mount installed.
    13. rabidravens

      SKS help

      I am have acquired a Chinese Norino SKS. It has a synthentic stock with scope mount. My problem is that I think is that with the scope mount was put on the receiver cover retaining pin arm was removed. I have tried taking the mount of but I am afraid to start prying with a screwdriver. Also is...
    14. rabidravens

      Night Sights

      I was thinking of getting night sights for my glock 22. I am considering meprolight and trijicon(I hope I spelled that right). I was wondering which one is better? I am leaning towards the meprolight. I just bought my first handgun and have learned that from this sight.
    15. rabidravens

      Where to get ammo.

      I just bought my first pistol a Glock 22. I would like to know where to get ammo. I plan on doing alot of shooting. Thanks.
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