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    1. K

      HOW to APPLY for a MARYLAND Carry Permit

      swinokur applied in the same way you did, and his was accepted. I think (hope) you will be good. :thumbsup:
    2. K

      Maryland CCW Application via MDSP Portal

      What do you charge for the class, and where do you teach it? Thank you.
    3. K

      Maryland CCW Application via MDSP Portal

      Where do you see the dates listed?
    4. K

      Attorney General's email address

      Don't know if they've received guidance from Frosh, but it was posted that Licensing will have a zoom meeting Thursday evening.
    5. K

      Will the New York ruling ever take place in MD?

      Garth Algar approves
    6. K

      NYC CCW case is at SCOTUS!

      :lol: :lol2: The Goat Dance!!!
    7. K

      Get Home Bag

    8. K

      New Software - Report Error Thread

      Seeing it as well, and logged in. Maybe it's like the old MSI 'ad' on the previous site.
    9. K

      Hello and Good Evening!

      Welcome aboard!!! I suppose if you go hunting, you're on a Snipe hunt! :D
    10. K

      Trying to be removed from this group

      Approves. :thumbsup:
    11. K

      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      Per below, YES I don't believe so looking at the website, but I did not contact them.
    12. K

      Skeet Shooting

      Here is a pic of him:
    13. K

      Hi neighbors

      Welcome aboard!
    14. K

      Baby Prepper ideals

      Chuckles seem to be popular on MDS. Maybe not the licorice ones for baby. Just the fruit ones.
    15. K

      Fingerprinting software and MD Certification?

      Maybe you can't: Thank you for your interest in becoming a Private Fingerprinting Provider. Please note that we are not accepting private provider applications at this time. Kindly continue to check this webpage for future announcements...
    16. K


      What was your previous screen name before the perma-ban?
    17. K

      SB387, Senator Jack Bailey

      Is he your rep? If he is, have you called to ask about it?
    18. K

      New Software - Report Error Thread

      Close enough :thumbsup:
    19. K

      New Guy here

      Welcome aboard!
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