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    1. PresentArms

      Blocks in Magazine's

      My understanding is when I pick up my new purchase the two 16 round magazine's will have blocks placed inside them to limit the rounds. My question is can I take them on vacation and remove the blocks, will and I need new springs? Maybe easier to just buy new ones when I'm in virginia...
    2. PresentArms

      Henry Goldenboy 22Lr

      Looking for a Henry Goldenboy 22Lr. Has any been spotted at any shops. Thanks
    3. PresentArms


      Sorry if this is a dupe
    4. PresentArms

      East Coast Military Vehicle Rally

      May 10 – 12, 2012: 39th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally & Flea Market at Aberdeen’s Ripken Stadium, For more information visit
    5. PresentArms

      ATF form Sign off question

      I been kicking it around and decided to SBR my GSG-5PK by adding a folding stock. Has anyone tried to have Sheriff Fisher sign off on form 1 with any luck or am I wasting my time? Thanks
    6. PresentArms

      Feels so Good!!

      I picked up my new toys over at Gun Connection and they shoot and feel so good.
    7. PresentArms

      Going to be a great Evening

      Brass has been ready for some time now!! The big brown truck just dropped off 1000 Armscor Bullets 22 Caliber (224 Diameter) 62 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail It's off to the loading room now :)
    8. PresentArms

      What Powders are in stock ????

      Dan, What other powders do you have in stock???
    9. PresentArms


      Can someone explain the difference between the SAGINAW and the SAGINAW SG in the M1 Carbine Whats the SG stand for??
    10. PresentArms

      FEMA Camps

    11. PresentArms

      MSI Update 11/20/08

      In this issue: 1. Thank you 2. Arundel Mills Robberies 3. Men get prison terms for gun store robbery 4. Nation's Gun Show This Weekend 5. Comment on the "run on guns" 6. Committing the crimes others won't 7. Firearms Industry Lauds Development of Electronic Form 4473 1. Thank...
    12. PresentArms

      Detachable Mag on SKS

      I want to put a detachable mag on my SKS and was told it becomes a regulated firearm at that point. Am I required to do any paperwork?? Whats everyones thoughts on this?
    13. PresentArms

      Magnum Primers

      I was talking to an old timer yesterday at a crab feast and he said that he uses Magnum primers on all his loads Rifle and Pistol. Does anyone else do this? If so Whats the bennifit? other then not having to purchase all the other primers
    14. PresentArms

      After 20 Years Reloading Again

      About 20 years ago I was forced to dismantle my Reloading Bench due to a shortage of space that the kids required. My son has moved on a couple of years now and My daughter is off to school. Wow free space! So I dug all my reloading stuff out with little surprize I didnt have to replace anything...
    15. PresentArms

      Currie Criticizes D.C. Gun Ban Ruling

      Please Contact Senator Currie Today! In the Friday, August 15 issue of the Maryland Gazette, beleaguered State Senator Ulysses Currie (D-25) criticized the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling that Washington, D.C.’s handgun ban was unconstitutional and still believes that the Second Amendment is...
    16. PresentArms

      Is The Turner Diaries Worth Reading? What will you do when they come to take your guns?
    17. PresentArms

      16/20 ga Pump shot gun

      Hey Dan A friend of mine is looking for cheap shot gun for his wife you have any in stock ?
    18. PresentArms

      MSI Vice President Sebastian Sassi

      1) More on D.C. v. Heller Watch Sebastian's 2-part interview here:Inside story Part 1 Part 2
    19. PresentArms

      Email addresses for General Assembly committees

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