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    1. glock9mm

      Sportsman's Guide now selling guns Pretty good selection to start with. I know someone is always looking for Hi Point Carbines and they seem to have several in stock.
    2. glock9mm

      Hunter Bags A Very Rare Trophy

      An Arkansas hunter thought she shot down a 9-point buck but it turns out the buck was actually a doe.
    3. glock9mm

      Winchester .22 at Cabelas--333 for $11.99

      Get it before it's gone! 333 rounds for $11.99. Don't forget to buy some very cheap Cabelas branded product and get shipping for a penny! USE CODE 84PENNY...
    4. glock9mm

      Shipping AR Lowers to Maryland?

      JoeBob, Since us Maryland residents now have permission:sad20: to buy stripped AR lowers again will you ship them to us? Thanks!
    5. glock9mm

      Ar 15 Pistol Build...Need Help!

      Let me start by saying I am mainly a pistol guy and know nothing about the internals of AR's and how they work. I do have a Colt AR that I have shot several times but have not had any issues with it so, no need to tinker with it. I built my first AR pistol (or AR anything) today and I...
    6. glock9mm

      KelTec Sub2000 Glock Mag Question

      I just purchased my first sub 2000 in .40 that uses glock mags. I did not get any mags with it as they pulled the 15 rounder that would normally come with it. Question is,which glock mags fit this rifle? I looked at the manual and it makes no reference to the mag model number that it uses...
    7. glock9mm

      Smart Rifle never misses, now comes in semi-automatic form

      Cool rifle but it cost $10,000.00.
    8. glock9mm

      PSA Lower Parts Kit--Need Opinions

      I will be building my first AR in the near future and need some opinions on the quality of a PSA lower parts kit that I am considering. I will be building with a Spikes lower. Please check out the link below and let me know what you think of this kit. The kit is normally $149.99 and on sale for...
    9. glock9mm

      CCI Tactical 375 rounds $27.00 @ Cabela's
    10. glock9mm

      Winchester Bricks of .22 at Bass Pro

      Bass Pro has bricks of 555 Winchester .22 for $30.49 each plus free shipping(orders of $75.00 or more) if you add code "FREE75" according to the site. I didn't order any just wanted to pass this along to some who may need it...
    11. glock9mm

      Colorado Sherrifs file lawsuit against new gun laws

      Colorado Sheriffs file lawsuit against new gun laws Majority of Colorado sheriffs file suit against new gun laws By Matthew DeLuca, Staff Writer, NBC News Sheriffs in Colorado filed a federal lawsuit Friday ahead of the implementation of new state gun laws that broaden background...
    12. glock9mm

      Federal 5.7 Ammo at Natchez

      Natchez has Federal 40 grain FMJ 5.7 ammo for $24.15 a box, 5 box limit. Shipping is high but if you buy 5 boxes it comes out to around $140.00 for 250 rounds. Not to bad by todays standards since this in nearly impossible to find especially for under a dollar a round...
    13. glock9mm

      Herters 223 Ammo for .35 round at Cabelas
    14. glock9mm

      Cecil County Council rejects state gun law in resolution

      It's a start!
    15. glock9mm

      Rock Island 22 TCM--On Md. Handgun list?

      I did not see the RIA 22tcm on the approved list however, I have seen previous posts where people either said they had one or wanted one. Are they approved in Maryland?
    16. glock9mm

      Wolf 223 at Cabelas--500 Rounds

      Cabelas has Wolf 223, 55 grain FMJ Ammo. I know the price is high but by todays standards anyone that really needs some may be interested. 500 rounds for $219.99 + $18.94 shipping= $238.94 shipped...
    17. glock9mm

      .22 Ammo At Cabelas 525 brick

      Cabelas has bricks of Remington .22 for $23.99 + 5.95 shipping= $29.94 shipped. I know it's not the best price however, I know some folks are completely out and could use it...
    18. glock9mm

      Blazer .22 Ammo at

      They have 50 round boxes of Blazer ,22 high velocity, 40 grain ammo in stock. Box of 50 for $2.19.
    19. glock9mm

      Thanks for the FN 5.7...I Love It!!

      I want to thank Mark for his awesome customer service on my purchase of an FN 5.7! Sorry it took so long to post about it as it has been about a month since I purchased it however since I had to have it shipped to my FFL and then wait another 7 days, then find some ammo so I could give a...
    20. glock9mm

      WTB: Used FN 5.7 Pistol

      Anyone have one??
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