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    1. glock9mm

      Christmas Karma!

      I'm in. Thanks!
    2. glock9mm

      Molon labe sticker

      I'm in. Thanks!!
    3. glock9mm

      Recommend a cheap 22lr pistol

      I have a Ruger SR22 and a S&W M&P 22 and love both of them but I have no experience with suppressing either.
    4. glock9mm

      Free MDS Stickers

      PM sent, Thanks!
    5. glock9mm

      Cecil County FFL

      Just curious, was this at Racine's
    6. glock9mm

      MDS IP Gift Card Giveaway - July

      I'm in to win, thanks!
    7. glock9mm

      Posts per page - viewing threads

      Got it, thanks!
    8. glock9mm

      Posts per page - viewing threads

      Mine is set at 10 post per page and can't figure out how to change it to 20 post per page. Can you tell me how to accomplish this?Thanks!
    9. glock9mm

      Giveaway - New MDS logo XL Shirt

      I'm in!
    10. glock9mm

      MDS IP Gift Card Giveaway - March

      In to win!!
    11. glock9mm


      I'm very sorry To hear this! Good Luck in the future!!
    12. glock9mm

      Federal 22lr 4.4 cents/round

      Thanks for the heads up, I just ordered some!
    13. glock9mm

      IP Giveaway - QTY 2 - $50 Gift Cards

      I'm in. Thanks!
    14. glock9mm

      IP Giveaway - QTY 2 - $50 Gift Cards

      I'm in to win! Thanks!
    15. glock9mm

      Giveaway - 2 - $50 Gift Cards

      In to win! Thanks!
    16. glock9mm

      Cecil County News Stories

      It was a freakin' drunk driver that not only hit a paramedic but also hit a State Trooper's suv and a pickup truck. Luckily, the trooper was outside the vehicle tending to the wreck when it happened and was not injured.
    17. glock9mm

      $75 Local Business Gift Card Giveaway

      I'm in, thanks!
    18. glock9mm

      Cecil County News Stories

      It was across the road from my house in a field by Charter Hall. Here is a picture of a truck with a mounted black bear in the back driving through North East this evening.
    19. glock9mm

      $100 Giveaway

      Awesome! I'm in!
    20. glock9mm

      Missing IP?

      They went out of business. Deb who owned it was very nice and knowledgeable of firearms but her business ethics got the best of her. As time went on she became less reliable to send your paperwork to the MSP in a timely manner and it got to be when you went there she was not there and no one...
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