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      Another ccw thread but different. Prior convictions/charges

      Okay here is an interesting question. The question on prior charges/convictions, at least in my mind, is a subjective question and answer when it comes to the ccw. It is to base your moral character, but now in my thoughts that should no longer apply. You are either prohibited or not, there is...
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      nysrpa v. Bruen NY released. Edit to correct title
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      Come and listen to my story about a man named Scott.... VAF and the FBI

      Well let me give you my story, I have my hql, and collectors card from maryland and have bought many handguns. Well as I got sick and tired of being delayed every time for rifles I filed for a UPIN, and got denied and informed I was now a prohibited person...OH SH!T. I had requested my fbi...
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      Medical weed and hql

      I helped a friend do his hql ( he is not computer literate ). I just checked his status, under the medical marihuana it says "Not Applicable". IIRC when I did mine it said "completed", ie they checked and saw I did not have a card. Did something get changed? Or am I mis remembering what it...
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      bass pro shops gun counter guys

      So I went to bass pro today, I know they suck. But I was talking to one of the counter guys, who swore there was no way a hunter safety card qualified for a hql training. He claimed he knew because he was a retired cop. He said they would never take it, I showed him the MSP site where they...
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      WTB RPR in 6.5 Creedmore

      Are you bored with you ruger precision rifle 6.5c, or sick of not being able to find ammo? Send me a message. Also willing to look at other bolt 6.5 creedmore options. Live in Westmister area. Also an ar10 in 6.5c, also includes a 308 barrel if someone wanted to trade.
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      Expungment and nics

      Okay I just helped a friend who is pretty computer illiterate get an expungment on a weed charge. He has not gotten any of the paperwork yet but the case is off the judiciary search. He is not interested in handguns, he just wants a rifle to hunt with. Does anyone know if or how long the...
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      77r and Nics question

      I have read a bunch and I am curious, when we do a 77r does the gun store still do a nics check or is it all covered by the MSP when they do the 77r? Just got my HQL and going to start buying guns again, so I was curious as its been a long time since I have bought a gun in a store.
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