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    1. deesly1

      Any Reloading .277 Wolverine?

      I have been reloading .277 Wolverine for about 6 months. If you don't know what it is. It is a 6.8(.277gr) bullet placed into a resized 5.56 case(cut for the 7.62x40 and then resized for Wolverine.) If any one on this forum is reloading for this caliber, I would love to share some load data...
    2. deesly1

      NRA Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course

      When: August 29th 2015 Location: IOTA Training Center @ Bluegrass Quarry 11410 Marriottsville Rd BLDG 7 Marriottsville, MD 21104 Time: (9:00 am -5:30pm) Register @: or call 410.750.3278 see attached flyer
    3. deesly1

      I have an Approved 5320.20 Now what?

      I have an approved 5320.20 from the ATF. Do I have to travel with the orginal SBR configuration or can I travel with any SBR configuration as long as I have the ATF approved paperwork?
    4. deesly1

      TROP in Elizabeth PA

      Has anyone been to this shop yet. They sale Dillion products and have them on the shelf. Along with RCBS, Hornady and Lee. The Prices are reasonable and they have a lot in stock including 300 blackout, 6.8, 300 whisper and Primers. Winchester, Federal, CCI etc. They also have an indoor...
    5. deesly1

      What to do when SCOTUS won't hear your case?

      What is confusing me for that last 20 years is how the gun debate is not really a debate but much more of a disarm agenda. It becomes past frustrating when the means of judicial and legislative protection refuses to even hear your constitutionally protected arguments. We as law abiding...
    6. deesly1

      Has anyone had problems with Hodgdon Varget and the Hornady powder thrower!

      I absolutely was in a crunch last night to make some loads for my 5.56. However when I looked at my stash all I could find was Varget. I knew this was gonna be a problem considering the rotor and cup on the Hornady powder thrower was gonna jam and powder was gonna go everywhere. sure enough...
    7. deesly1

      looking for Lee Universal Decapping Pins Locally

      Hey Guys I did the dumbest thing and tried to deprime a Berdan Case with the Lee Universal Decapper. It broke the unbreakable pin. I need to findout if there are any stores that sell the Pins locally (in Maryland). I called Bass Pro and they don't have one. Can you guys help? I ordered on...
    8. deesly1

      AAC 300 Blackout 9" uppers

      You guys wouldn't happen to have any AAC 300 Blackout 9" uppers. if so can you PM me a price. If not do you know where I can purchase one. Thanks
    9. deesly1

      Is 300 Blackout allowed at your range?

      Just wondering if you can shoot 300 Blackout at the indoor range. If this has been discussed I am sorry. And if so what Grain, 110, 115, 125, 147, 150, 168, 200, or 220.
    10. deesly1

      Just Somethings I was Pondering

      If we are serious about changing the gun laws in the state then why don't we change our approach. The only way to make this liberal state recognize the voliation of our civil rights is to hit it in its pocket book. How you ask? Buy getting the big companies involved. For instance many of you...
    11. deesly1

      Tell me if this is a legal Transfer Please!

      My Father is a CCW holder in Pittsburgh/PA. Lets say I found a firearm I like at a local family gun shop we in PA. I am not disqualified from legally purchasing firearms in MD. However, to by pass the new shell casing that would have to be done in MD on a new firearm, could I have my father...
    12. deesly1

      Transportation of what they call Assault Weapons

      Is it me or did Frosh state that AW's already owned and registered prior to Oct 1, 2013, the law implies that they can been legally transported to a fireing range or sporting event? Frosh squashed the amendment last nightthe would explicitly state tht is was legal to transport an AW to a firing...
    13. deesly1

      Planned Boycotts in New York

      Has anyone seen this! sorry if it is a dupe!
    14. deesly1

      The violation of the 2nd Amendment Has and always will be a denial of Civil Rights

      Since the end of Slavery, gun control was designed to stop minorities (poor whites, blacks, Mexican, and immigrants) from obtaining and legally owning firearms. This limitation was recently reinforced during the 1968 Gun control act. 1968 United States Gun Control Act of 1968 passed. Avowed...
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