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      Gen 5 10 round magazine

      Looking for one or two Gen 5 G19 magazines. I know most don't want to keep the ones they get when bought new. Trying to save a few bucks instead of buying from Brownells. If you have no use for them and are in Carroll/Baltimore County please let me know.
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      Hotels in Wheeling

      I'm looking at buying tickets for a show at the Capitol Threatre in Wheeling. Looking on line it is really hard to tell what a nice hotel is. I'm trying to find a NICE hotel in the area. Cost doesn't seem to be an issue as most of the hotels are between 50 (I'm guessing awful) and up to 120 a...
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      Good afternoon, I have a few handguns I would like to sell. Do you guys offer consignment and if so at what rate? I'd be interested in selling a FNS9C with aftermarket night sights, a MP40C, and a MP40 Full size. Please let me know. Thank you.
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      Any reason not to "top off" a magazine

      I chamber from a loaded magazine and have not "topped off" in my carry firearm. Any reasons not to?
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      Sig 365

      Any in stock? I don't think they are approved yet but I'm interested in one.
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      New kids Nike boots

      Got shipped the wrong size boots and didn't realize it till the box was thrown out so I doubt the internet store is going to take them back. They are black youth size 7 Nike ACG boots. If someone is a "needy" family and can use them as a Christmas gift to their children I'd be willing to...
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      CCW Magazine Carry

      In my continued search of a usable daily magazine carrier I recently purchased an Alien Gear IWB/OWB holster. It appeared to be a good option on the internet but the carrier is HUGE and sticks out on my hip worst than an early 2000's cell phone. Previously I bought a Bravo Concealment OWB...
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      Glock barrel question

      I have a G23 and I'm interested in an odd way to the .357 Sig round. Is a replacement barrel the only thing needed to be able to fire .357 Sig? Is the extractor different?
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      Aimpoint Pro

      Are sales on these things often? Seem to be about $430-ish on all the major websites. I thought I've seen them sub 400 before but I'm not sure. If they hit sales often I'll hold off on getting one. If they are all typically 400-430 I'll just order it now.
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      Sig 229 Carry

      I'm not sure how I missed the release of this but it didn't get much fan fare. I'm guessing Sig did away with the 224 to push the 229 Carry a bit more. Does anyone have a Sig 229 Carry? Is it built as stout as the normal 229? Any thoughts or complaints? Seems like they just brought the...
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      Thanks again

      Had my 2nd transaction with BBP last week and another good experience. I am typically not a "shopper" and already know what I want and Dan makes it very easy. Send a PM, get a response, in a few days the item is in, I can stop in do the paperwork, and after the stupid wait stop in and complete...
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      9mm 147 Grain HST

      Looking for some standard pressure 147 Grain HST rounds. Can't seem to find any online that aren't +P. If you know of any please let me know.
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      FNS Compact

      Any IP's here have one to submit to the roster yet? Anyone showing any in stock at their distributor yet?
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      Gen 4 Glock 23

      On the hunt for a blue label Gen 4 Glock 23 without night sights. I checked around a few months ago and couldn't locate one. Seeing if any of the IP's have any in stock. Would prefer one close to Baltimore but willing to travel a bit if it's in stock. Thanks.
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      Surefire 300 Ultra Weapon Light

      I have a few TLR-1's but I'm interested in the Surefire light as it has constant on using both sides of the switch. Anyone have any experience with the 300 Ultra? The TLR-1 is a bit cheaper but it's also 3 oz. heavier which can mean a lot on the front of the weapon. It would be going on a...
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      Glock point shooting?

      For those who are Glock fan's I have a question. When drawing from holster and attempting to point shoot do you find yourself rolling your wrist forward and down? It seems every time I quickly present the G19/23 models the front sight is WAY over the target. The only mechanics I can find to...
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      Sig 229 Enhanced Elite review

      I recently had a chance to take my new 229 EE out to Hap Baker the other day. I fired about 300 rounds through the handgun and it was a treat. I, as I do with other Sigs, had some problems locating that first round on the DA/SA trigger pull. The E2 grips on the firearm just work for me. I...
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      New ammo. Surprised?

      Got my Sig 229R 9mm the other day. I was watching YT videos on how to change magazine release and wow did they make it a bit complicated. I'll probably let either a smith or a Armorer do it. Been looking for ammo as I really dont want to mess with any of my stash at this point. Struck out...
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      .45 handgun

      Looking for a .45 handgun. Nothing in particular other then no Glocks. Sigs 220, 1911, FNH, MP45, HK...basically let me know what you have and we can go from there. Not looking for junk looking for NIB or close to it.
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      My roster contribution

      Apparently a Sig 229 Enhanced Elite is not a Sig 229 for the purpose of the roster. Apparently by changing the grip and putting the word "Elite" on a slide after 229 makes it a different handgun. So now my 229 gets held up until March for it to hit the roster. I wont have time until after...
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